Unrepentant Geeking: Arrow Season 3

Plus a bonus Patreon requested book review.

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  1. Once you compared This shit show to Constantine you lost all credibility…

  2. I only watch this show when the Flash is on it and even that barely keeps me with it.
    That book sounded interesting.

  3. Red Priest Rezo

    This show sucked since Season 2, but yeah, s3 was worse. Malcolm Merlyn is the only adequate person left there.

  4. Thank you for reviewing this. Arrow is my favorite show on tv right now. I’ll agree Season 3 wasn’t as good as Season 2 but I don’t think it was a total wash. 2 was hard to top. I agree with you that the writers and producers should use the off season to reevaluate the show and fix the areas of the show that need improvement.

  5. Thanks for the review, Shaun.

    BTW, the name of Oliver’s sister is Thea. Not Mia. (a completely different character that hasn’t appeared on Arrow so far)

  6. The third season was terrible.

    The major issues however I think have not been addressed here.
    For me the main problem is that there has been almost no actual dialog in that season. Everyone only communicates in giving big hero speeches. Look at it. Its always speeches. Always someone lecturing or encouraging someone. Never talking like ppl would talk.

    Second problem is felicity smoke in 2 ways. First: She have become EXTREMELY annoying. She has to cry about EVERYTHING als always this “NO NO I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN” even is its absolutley reasonable.
    Also the love arc is absolutely unconvincing. The characters have no romance-chemistry and it came out of nothing.

    And also there was that small issue of killing of the best character in the first episode…even though shell be revived…

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