Unrepentant Geeking: Arrow & The Flash

Reviewing the CW’s big superhero shows going into their winter break.

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  1. CG, just like with practical effects, should be a story-telling tool, not an end-all production point. CG and practical effects should help show the audience the story and keep a sense of suspension of disbelief. Unless you get the hundred-million-dollar budget, you’re never going to get perfection. My philosophy: as long as they look good and are believable, that should be enough.

  2. Arrow and the Flash could be really that good…but they sadly bot get bogged down by their CWness. Too many love-triangles, too much melodrama, too much contrivances, too much circular writing. It was sad to see how Arrow wasted its potential, and I am pretty sure that Flash will go the same way sooner or later.

  3. I largely agree about your opinions on both of these shows, except for the opinions on the finale. The Flash’s mid-season finale added some great twists, set up future characters and storylines, and answered enough questions to make me hunger for more. The problem with Arrow’s mid-season finale is that I don’t care. Yes, Ollie’s fight with Ras was good, but honestly nothing that’s happened this season was particularly engaging. The death that drives the mystery was clearly just a ploy to set up another character, and the murderer’s reveal simply reinforced how much of a contrived plot device everything associated with this character has turned out to be. I still don’t believe that Laurel will ever become Black Canary, no matter how much they try to convince me of it. I like the stuff with Ray Palmer and Felicity, but on the whole neither show can really handle romance all that well because it’s too tied into playing to “Will they? Won’t they?” bullshit that watchers of other CW shows have come to expect. The reason Iris doesn’t work is the same reason Mary Jane in the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies doesn’t work: she has no character of her own and only exists to create romantic drama for the main hero. Of course, having a defined character isn’t necessarily better (still looking at you Laurel). On the whole, Arrow is going to have to do something spectacular to win me back, but The Flash has confirmed my fandom. I will admit that it’s a little crazy what’s revealed about the murderer of Barry’s parents, but The Flash was always about craziness. This seems no different.

  4. I do DVR Flash and watch it pretty faithfully. Yeah, I never watched CW until now.

  5. Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with videos on the new site?

  6. I very much like your review style and will begin to check out your backlog of work, I agree mostly with your views on Flash/Arrow.

    Arrow season 3 hasn’t been as sharp (haha) as season 2, but I fully expect the backhalf of the season to make season 3’s beginning much stronger once the entire season’s thread is unraveled.

    Flash is one of the most fun shows I’ve watched in a while (a fantastic counterpoint to the heavy yet impressive dramas that are available now on tv) and really really like how they’ve jumped wholeheartedly into the madness of the DCU (time travel/multiverse/GRODD?) Oh and great call on pointing out the treasures that Tom C and Jesse have become, they each crush scene they are given.

    Thank you for the video and please keep up the great work.

  7. *WARNING SPOILERS FOR GOTHAM* I’m excited for Gotham’s next season. John’s Going to Arkham. We’ll see what’s gonna happen now. YES, though, I DO know why some people would drop Gotham. Sometimes it’s boring and it hammers in things we already knew like “the people of Gotham do not like the rich” with villains of the week for our but for me, overall, the plot lines and characters, particularly Fish Mooney, are enough for me to keep watching. The pacing’s good and can immediately identify each key character instantly. Those first reveals of Bruce, Ivy and Selina (young Batman, Poison Ivy and Catwoman) were awesome. The only two thing left to ask for me though is 1) Is that coroner guy, Edward, the riddler? 2) WHEN AND ARE WE GOING TO SEE THE JOKER???

  8. CheesecakeSeptember

    I disagree that The Flash Mid-Season Finale was a mess. I think, yes, it had a lot of stuff crammed into it but I never once felt it was disjointed or overwhelming. I always thought that Eddie was going to be revealed as Reverse-Flash and that Harrison Wells had something to do with it, but was not actually Reverse-Flash himself. The only problem I had with the finale was the Iris stuff. Not so much on Barry’s side, as I want to see his character happy but on Iris’ side. I’ve never liked Iris. She’s been written like a page out of TV tropes. She has no personality, no identity. She’s basically there to be drama+love interest for Barry. In a show that does great setting up likable characters, I feel like that’s the biggest disappointment. When Felicity came on, I was so excited as I instantly loved her character. I had not seen Arrow, so I just assumed this was some new character. Sadly, it was not meant to be and I was left with Iris. Who is just… there.

  9. I’ve NEVER seen your videos before but I’ve gotten into the Flash recently and I wanted to see what others are saying about it. I don’t like Arrow as much. I haven’t watched it since the third or fourth episode of the first season. I just saw the crossover episodes yesterday in fact! I think that Ronnie showing up was a good twist. I need to catch up with Gotham but that’s a bit off topic. I will take your word for it and catch up with Arrow. I like puns. Good video. I may start watching you. 🙂

  10. Are you kidding? Arrow is a million times better than Flash. Arrow has a more realistic approach to things, has better characters, better storyline, better plot, better development. If you gave up on Arrow in season one then you really missed out. The Oliver Queen/Arrow character is one of the best written tv characters today. I would so jump over to netflix and binge watch season’s one and two.

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