Unrepentant Geeking: D23 2015

Shaun & Petros begin their look at this year’s Disney Mega Event.

Shaun & Petros conclude their look at D23 this year with plenty of Marvel & Star Wars talk.

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  1. You know, speaking as an African-American, I admit I had problems with “Princess and the Frog” when it first came out.

    My initial thoughts were “Disney really couldn’t find a Tribal African ‘fairy tale’ to animate?”. Not that I’m familiar with such tales, unfortunately, but one I keep coming across is the various tales of the Trickster spirit/Storyteller Annansi. Seeing how they greatly modified the original tale of “The Snow Queen” to turn it into “Frozen”, I could see them doing the same for such a Tribal ‘fairy tale’ in order to include a black ‘princess’ in it.

    All that being said, “Princess and the Frog” was still a nice movie in the end 🙂

  2. I didn’t know that the Powerline actor was still alive! 😀 I hope that Gigantic and Mona have a Broadway style of music. That’s what made me like Frozen. Also, your reasoning on Finding Dory made me look forward to it a tad bit more. I’m definitely not going to see any non-Marvel or Star Wars Disney movie in the theater though. The last Disney movie I saw in theaters was John Carter, I think… which I actually liked, to be honest. LOL. Yes, I am SO excited for Kingdom Hearts 3.

    I’ve never seen Pete’s Dragon before. I’m looking forward to Alice in Wonderland 2 and I’m optimistic about Jungle Book. I will be skipping Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I’m not excited about Doctor Strange. Behind Hulk, he’s my least favorite. -_- It’s okay. I was singing the Star Wars theme along with you. Also, hey, Terminator: Genysis was not that bad but I can’t talk because it’s the only Terminator movie that I’ve seen…

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