Unrepentant Geeking: Jem & the Holograms #1

Is this comic truly outrageous or just outrageously bad?

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  1. I wasn’t into MLP or Rainbow Brite as a kid, but I was all about She-Ra and Jem just as much as I was into Transformers and GI Joe.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkQE5wuBFeY

    Should have used this for the intro, and not the first video you found on youtube.

  3. SailorRustyBacon

    I used to be a hardcore Jem fan, once I discovered the cartoons in ’87, after seeing the toyline in catalogues before then. I even had my phase of re-collecting the doll line through ebay in ’99, and threw in a slew of anime style-inspired fan art until… 2002? Except for that time when I participated in that We Love Fine Jem contest.

    I hadn’t been following along with recent Jem news, just admiring the Integrity Toy line and hearing passing info on the upcoming live action flick. And since I don’t visit the Jemcon forums (or Hot Topic, where they sell ID4 comics), this would have flew under my radar.

    Personally, I’m on the fence about the choice of character designs, even reassigning body-types & orientation (of all the characters that could be pegged as a lesbian, I wouldn’t imagine Kimber, seeing as she was always boy-crazy in the original; I could see her as bi-sexual though). But if Jerrica and even Rio are rewritten with less overbearing personalities, and their situation is in a “just friends” status, I could see the the love-triangle relationship work.

    Now as for The Misfits: I find it funny how they were originally written to be just the bad-girl band, just looking to get attention and cheating their way to the top. But having re-watched the entire series with adult eyes, they actually came off as more entertaining than the protagonists, even possibly just as hard-working and talented as Jem and the Holograms, if they weren’t constantly jealous & threatened by ’em. For example in the episode Glitter ‘n Gold, they actually reached the top of the music charts for while, after “Jem” had stopped making appearances (it was only when Jerrica overheard them and their manager Eric mocking Jem, egged her on and pushed her into bringing back her alter ego… Oh yeah and that “plant-kicking’ thing by Rio? The writer of that episode, Christy Marx, said another writer had snuck that in and that scene always made her cringe).

    Thanks for reviewing this comic and piquing my interest Shaun, now I’ll have to find these comics to see how this version plays out. Especially for The Misfits.

    • SailorRustyBacon

      Lastly *putting on a Snob impression* if I wanted a PROPER Jem anniversary special, I will stick to the fan-made 2012 animation by Lena Boone, thank you very much! (Roxy & Aja are a married couple in that one)

    • To be fair, her most memorable relationship was her episode with Stormer rather than most of her official dates. I’d probably preffer if she was bi (bisexual erasure in media is still big as it is), but I ain’t gonna shed tears over the loss of the boy of the week.

  4. I REALLY love Jem I truly truly truly do but I don’t like this. No music really just takes me out of it, it’s still a good comic and would love to see this get a show

  5. I cannot stress how much I love this comic!

    I am a HUGE Jem fan, and am sooooooooooooooooo glad that the approach to this comic is what it is.

    The comic is everything that a reboot should be: It loves the original material while bringing a new look and new stories to the universe. You will know that this a Jem story; The characters’ redesigns are gorgeous; Synergy, her computer, Starlight House ( I want that house), the girls’ instruments are all new and are fabulous!

    There’s been a lot of dialogue about making the Holograms “new and modern”; A concept which is generally poison as it is usually pushed by marketers’ ideas, not creativity. No worries, here. The writer and artist are more interested in taking a great concept and exploring it in a new situation than pushing a particular mandate.

    The dialogue only exists to combat two groups: 1) The people who feel that Jem is solely a product of the 80s and has no place in a modern era. They feel that kids today will have no interest in it. (Yeah, like, duh. In this buttoned down era of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift, there’s no place for stories that focus on the excesses of celebrity.) ; 2) The people who feel that putting Jem in modern times pisses all over the awesomeness that was Jem. ??????? Apparently, human interaction and creativity have ceased as of 1990, and the stories of young women living and learning in a musical environment are ancient things which can only exist in the past.

    The new Jem is Jem. There’s only 6 issues planned so far, but I hope that they continue it beyond that.

  6. This looks interesting, but I really want to know if the Stingers will eventually make an appearance. I wonder what Riot’s redesign would look like?

  7. This looks surprisingly promising. Though those crazy high heels look incredibly painful to wear….

  8. I was never a fan of Jem and the Holograms, but I had two siblings who were. Thus, I had suffer many days through entire episodes (since I was such a couch potato, you see). Not long ago, I tried watching the pilot episode and actually had a good time checking out how goofy and absurd it was. There were things like guitar-shaped motorcycles, Jerrica treating her father’s music company like an ATM, and of course, Jerrica actually using the supercomputer the way her father meant for her to use it instead of selling the technology and giving Steven Jobs a run for his money. I’ll admit, though, every now and then there was a good joke thrown in.

    As for the comic, all I can say is that if the movie adopts the comic’s ideas, then it should be promising.

  9. I think one of the books mentioned she couldn’t be both a performer in AND owner of Starlight Music, and that’s why she needed the secret. But I might be remembering it wrong.

  10. well if you like the comic than you must not to show to linkara or he shall ruined yours intressting. but it is well long time ago to see jem and the holograms ^^

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