Unrepentant Geeking: Journey to The Force Awakens

Shaun takes a look at the recent book releases set in a galaxy far far away.

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  1. Thanks for this review!

    I was interested in Aftermath, because I remember reading Star Wars books in my middle and high school days. I stopped reading in the middle of the NJO books. I was hesitating on it, because it has pretty mixed reviews. A lot of people seemed to give it 1 star on Amazon. But I think I will check it out.

    I wasn’t interested in Lost Stars at all, but I think I will also have to give that a try.

    I’d love to see periodic updates on what Star Wars titles are worth read and which ones could be skipped.

    • Yeah those one-star reviews are mostly from people who either hate the fact that the EU was retconned or the fact that there are gay characters in the book. It’s eye rolling.

      • I can understand being upset about the universe being retconned, though it seems a bit unfair to take it out on an author paid to write in the new canon, not the people who made that decision in the first place. I’m kinda sad that the Knights of the Old Republic stuff is just not canon. I understand why Disney did it, though.

        Being mad that sexuality other than hetero exists while reading fiction… is just unreasonable. Fiction is about people. Homosexual people are people. They exist, even if the fiction was originally created at a time where we as a cultural thought that homosexuality wasn’t family friendly. They are valid character choices. Hell, with a universe as large as the old EU, it is surprising that this is the first time we get homosexual main characters.

      • It does seem unfair to give a book a bad review because of the retcon, but it would make sense not to have much interest in new Star Wars books, at least if you care about canonicity. The new books are canon now, but who knows if they’ll be canon five years from now?

        Me, I’ve never cared about canonicity. Maybe it requires a deeper level of immersion than I usually get to. But for those who do care, I can see why they’d be twice-shy.

      • Jonathan Gillispie

        Personally don’t have any feelings for the whole gay character thing in Star Wars. Lords of the Sith introduced a lesbian Imperial Moth and I think they highlighted her sexuality once when it said her wife died in ship crash. That’s literally the only time it’s been at. Rest of the time, it’s either focused on Vader and Sidious kicking hella lot of ass or Cham Syndulla (who BTW was first introduced in The Clone Wars series).

      • I’ve been watching Jedi Counsel and that argument you just used was one they effectively eviscerated. People don’t like Aftermath because they feel it is a sloppily constructed, somewhat poorly written book. It has nothing to do with the old EU or not liking gay characters.

        All art is subjective, if you like Aftermath more power to you. But to paraphrase “How Star Wars Conquered the Universe”: You don’t truly love something if you intentionally blind yourself to its faults.

  2. I haven’t read a Star Wars novel since I was about 10 years old. I think that once I realized how many Star Wars novels there were, little-girl-me just gave up. These sound interesting but I’m not much of a reader anymore so *shrug*. Plus, I rarely ever like anything romantic even if it’s good so I am definitely skipping Lost Stars. I don’t think that anything could convince me otherwise. Also, yay, for the “It’s a Trap!” meme. ^.^

  3. I’ve read Aftermath and Shattered Empire. Of the two, I felt Shattered Empire #1 was the stronger. Aftermath felt like such a slog. The characters were okay, but much of it was done before and done better. I didn’t have any problems with the homosexuality, though I did feel like what was the point of that and many other moments on Akiva. The imperials often behaved like children, instead of people who actually had power, smarts, and value to an empire that wants to rally itself.

    It basically read like a very long prologue. An interesting prologue, but still, an overly drawn out one. I did like the characters and cared what happened, its just that I felt like the story dragged its heels and should have been half the size.

    Shattered Empire had a similar flaw. Did we really need lando ogling the main female character, or to recap the battle above endor, or the drawn out search for her husband? No, all of that could have been mentioned and shown in a splash page. The book basically showed us what the description said, the empire has plans, and there is a rebel married couple after them, along with the stars from the original trilogy. I felt like nothing really happened in this issue, and I was a little disappointed with the pace. I will catch up on the other books eventually.

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