Unrepentant Geeking: Korra Farewell

Petros & Zenith join Shaun for a discussion on the Legend of Korra finale & the series as a whole.

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  1. Regarding Korrasami:
    The execution was a bit hockey. While their relationship was clearly getting stronger over the 3rd and 4th season it never felt like it would go in a romantic direction making them becoming a couple a bit forced. The setup didn’t justified the result. I get that they had to be subtle as hell with it but they really could’ve done it more like Paul Dini, who pretty often get’s away with rather blatant stuff in the comics he writes while still maintaining just enough ambiguity to keep the moral gaurdian satisfied.

    I also have to partly agree with Petros, their friendship was wonderful and the romance now kinda diminished that. It’s kind of this mindset many writers seem to have that friendship is good, but still less important than romance.

    My general opinion of LoK is that it was certainly weaker than it’s predecessor but had good character stuff going for it. I certainly don’t regret having watched it.

    A flawless show?
    That, as far as I’m concerned, was Young Justice before it kicked the bucket.

    • The way I see it, if Korrasami didn’t feel “set up” it’s because this is part of the setup. It’s not the big kiss or “Baby, you’re my forever girl”. It’s just part of the set up to something bigger in the future.

      • That is why I am glad that didn’t end with a kiss, it would be premature, their romantic relationship has not really developed, but only began to realize.
        I hope that if the comic books they have more freedom to freely develop their relationship.

        • Just like the ending of Avatar, Korra, sort of, begs for story continuation in comics because at this point, we want the “uncensored” story authors want to deliver to us. As it was mentioned in the video, Avatar comics are really fun to read as it does provide this fulfilment of what series actually haven’t managed to deliver in animation format. Besides, it’s hard to animate when your budget is cut, hell, maybe there would have been kiss if not for budget constraints

    • It was setup. Pay attention to things like how Korra blushes when Asami compimented her hair, or the latter’s exasperation at her absence.

  2. Excellent review! I think you touched on all the major topic of the series. No mention of the minor characters and their arcs though, though I guess this really was all about Korra.

  3. Such an awesome review! Great points across the board.

  4. One cannot help but ponder the situation regarding Gay Rights in the Avatarverse.

  5. At it’s best, LOK easily stood it’s ground against the very best of ATLA (and some cases, like Beginnings, Skeletons in the closet, and Korra Alone) surpassed it. At it’s worst, it was cheesy and pandering, but still undeniably entertaining. Overal,Korra was a great series, and even better because it frequently had it’s hands tied by the network.

  6. Oh, shut the fuck up. It WAS set up, across season 3 and 4. Now, it should have been even more set up, but Frodo doesn’t fucking blush towards Sam’s complimenting his hair or sends letters specifically to him.

    It’s like the creators said exactly, you’re too up your arses with “hetero lenses”, and clearly haven’t been paying attention.

    • Well, its apparent your being defensive throwing false accusations in a rather crude manor. Its an incredible strawman fallacy you have to defend a shipping you obviously are a rabid fan of to force it in.

      Seriously, if you were friends with a girl or guy, would you suddenly go from being friends to magically holding hands and being romantically interested in an instant without any bit of development at all outside of a friendship? Blushing doesn’t mean ANYTHING romantic, I’ve known women I’ve made blush/embarrassed complimenting them and there was nothing romantic between us. The only signs shown would of been something between close friends, not actual romantic lovers. It doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen and with the right set up and development it could of worked amazingly.

      It just was poorly set up. Again, I have no problem with them getting together, but anyone who is at all reasonable about character development would recognize no matter how much they like a pairing that it just wasn’t executed well. If it had, I’d personally think the ending how it was would been much more powerful. As it stands though it feels forced so its ending falls more flat. Creating a strawman against people just because you don’t want to look objectively at something since you love a pairing so much is just discrediting yourself. If you are going to object, rather then throwing out insults and accusations, show proof and evidence of what you are saying.

      • Honestly, when it’s way better set up than Kataang (“let’s have the Avatar act like a creep like three seasons, then Katara rejecting him and then suddenly accepting him as her partner for no reason”), you have no grounds for calling this “poorly handled”, especially given several hints were blatantly obvious.

        And no, people don’t just blush like that if there they aren’t within the range of attraction. Korra isn’t some shy person who is taken aback by complimenting her appearence, you know.

        • Psychicllamakiller

          kataang was set up fine, we saw that aang’s feelings were reciprocated, to a degree, from season two onwards, and it had plenty of korrasami-esque hints behind it too. she rejected him in the ember island players because she wasn’t done sorting out her feelings for him yet, and was pissed that he’d picked the worst time possible to try and kiss her again (which was about the only time you could truthfully say he was acting like a creeper), and kissed him in the finale because she’d sorted through those feelings by then and decided that yes, she does want to be in a relationship with him. you don’t like their relationship, that’s fine, but the setup was not a problem

      • In his defense, I can say that the authors themselves admitted that they were putting hints through book 3 and 4 . Hints that weren’t too obvious for a lot of viewers and were left ambiguous messages.

        “Seriously, if you were friends with a girl or guy, would you suddenly go from being friends to magically holding hands and being romantically interested in an instant without any bit of development at all outside of a friendship?”

        Iin my opinion they are still not really in a relationship, because it isn’t yet sufficiently developed, but only began to emerge, one of the reasons why there was no kiss. Also, it did not appear instantly, because I got the impression that they already had some feelings towards one another (especially since the end of book 3 and book 4). A lot of people have been friends for years, until one day they would realize that they feel something deeper for each other, it happens in real life, why not in fiction.
        Also, this is in my opinion much more realistic than love at first sight.

        In the final episode of the book 3, it is seen that Asami personally took care of Korra, aids her in clothing, hairstyling, and helped her when moving around.
        Asami is then kneeling at Korra’s side and then gently grabbed her hands. She didn’t just place her hand over Korra’s she squeezed it, and the animators made sure to zoom in on that nuance of gesture. Her statement also spoke volumes, “I want you to know that I ‘m here for you. If you ever want to talk or…. anything”.

        We also know that Asami wanted to go with Korra to the South Pole. We also know that the only person with whom Korra communicated through letters during the THREE YEARS was Asami. Also Korra didn’t want to let others know about it.
        Even Mako wondered what was going on between them, when he learned that Korra communicated only with Asami in three years.

        “Blushing doesn’t mean ANYTHING romantic, I’ve known women I’ve made blush/embarrassed complimenting them and there was nothing romantic between us. ”

        Maybe in real life, but we’re talking about the cartoon / anime. There blushing means something much more. There it means that the character feels a little more (mostly romantic feelings) to a person who had caused him blushing.

        Korra is after this blushing said that Asami looks snazzy.
        And by definition the word snazzy means: stylishly and often flashily attractive,extremely attractive or stylish, flashy.
        That seems even more important than blushing, at least to me.

        Also in Episode 8 of book 4, when Asami brought hot tea, Korra told her that she was so sweet. It is also important the rest of their conversation.

        This is probably not enough to make you believe that there were signs that they felt something deeper to each other, but these are my personal impressions I gained watching book 3 and 4.

      • Psychicllamakiller

        “without any bit of development at all outside of a friendship”?

        by the time they reunite in book 4, asami’s korra’s most trusted friend and confidante, she’s bared her soul and insecurities to asami in a way she hadn’t done for anyone else except katara, and only kept in contact with her, and not bolin or mako. korra’s not easily embarrassed, shy or insecure about her appearance, so her blushing isn’t just a regular friend reaction, it’s an indication that there’s something more there – and IIRC, everyone who’s made her blush onscreen, she’s dated. literally everyone. i’d call those things development beyond a friendship, even discounting the growing intimacy between them over seasons 3 and 4. the development was subtle, sure, but it’s not non-existent

        also, if you rewatch book 3, more than a few scenes seem, in retrospect, like asami’s trying to flirt with a totally clueless korra, so the implication was definitely there before the finale

        and bryke’s confirmed that the hand-holding, walking into the portal ending was them BEGINNING a relationship, not a sign that they were already in one – it’s less like a honeymoon and more like a first date

  7. Do you have a youtube channel I can go to? The video won’t play.

  8. The way how I would review the whole series would be like this. The first two seasons I didn’t like all that much. The tone, the atmosphere, the feeling, the characters, the pacing all feels off. I do like the storylines involved, but they’re just not executed well. I do like seasons 3 & 4. I felt like they found the right way to do this series and they really had me wanting more after each episode in those seasons. The series finale however, I felt like didn’t do justice in ending the series. It didn’t feel satisfying as I was hoping it would be. I do love the fight sequences and the way how each character plays a part. But, lets be honest, I’m freaking tired of romances. Just tired of them! That ending with Korra and Asami felt like a rip-off of the ending to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Name one romance that has worked in this series. Seriously, name one! I really wish they could have ended this series with something uplifting and inspiring. I don’t hate this series. I like it. But I don’t like the first seasons and the final moments of this series finale. It just didn’t work with me.

    • “Name one romance that has worked in this series.Seriously, name one!”
      Korrasami. Book 3 and 4. Korra and Asami work perfectly together,friends or couple, it does not matter. And you’ll have to deal with it!
      Not only that it is not a rip-off, but I dare say that this ending is much superior to the end of ATLA. It didn’t end with cheap kiss, but only with a clear indication that their true romance is just beginning.
      They ARE ended the series with something uplifting and inspiring. This beautiful ending was all that. I’m sorry if you did not get it, I’m really sorry.

  9. This is annoying me. It’s been a week and the video still won’t play. I can watch other Blip/Channel Awesome videos fine but at best I get 7 seconds of this one. What’s the problem here?

  10. Psychicllamakiller

    i think what the finale needed wasn’t a rewrite, it was another episode – if remembrances hadn’t happened, and the finale was spread over three episodes, not too, almost all of those issues could’ve been resolved

  11. Psychicllamakiller

    *two, even. me speak english good

  12. Finally after all this time Blip played the video.
    I disagree but then I expected to; I know they tried and I know they had a lot of obstacles in their way but in the end I don’t think LOK was a good show. I’d say more but i’m sure after all this time no one is coming back to argue anyway.

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