Unrepentant Geeking: Saving Avengers Assemble?

What to make of Marvel’s current flagship animated series?

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  1. Monsieur Safior

    Thank you to trahs down this orrendous show.

  2. AA series is a bullcrap! Save Avengers The World’s Mightiest Heroes! This show was the real adaption of Avengers It’s reall sad they fastened the ending while it could lasted for few more seasons!

  3. God this cartoon is stupid, and the fact that it was based on the awesome movies leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Just bring back Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, that had so much promise!

  4. I see Avengers Assembled as a case of corporate expectations. EMH was meant as a tie-in series, Something to keep interest in the franchise inbetween movies. Studios love when these series at first, but as the movie nears pull the plug. 1) It’s primary mission is complete. 2) They don’t want the show leading the franchise. Its bad news when fans are shouting ‘that’s not what happened on the TV show.’

    EMH was meant to introduce and showcase the Avengers as a team not just a bunch of superheroes that meet up in New York. Once the MCU established the Avengers they dumped it for AA to show what happened with the group after the movie. I suspect now that Age of Ultron is near, AA will get canned for another series to fill in until Civil War.

    I would love EMH back or an EMH quality show, but Disney/Marvel isn’t interested in the franchise outside of the movies. And they don’t want an EMH leading the franchise with a cooler take on storylines like Malekith or secret invasion.

    • Except:
      1) Avengers Assemble is supposed to be, more or less, part of the same franchise as Agents of SMASH and Ultimate Spider-man, like they want a marvel universe to match the DCAU, minus the actual writing talent.
      2) Avengers Assemble doesn’t tie in with the movies, the most glaring problem being Falcon.

  5. I would argue that Ultimate Spider-Man is the flagship animated series for Marvel, what with it being where the majority of heroes appear before they get their own show.

    But anyway, Avengers Assembled does have a lot of bad writing and majority bad animation. Doesn’t live up to the EMH cartoon by any means, but a lot of this I have to blame on Disney wanting to keep it marketable and sell toys.

    The change in character designs from one show to the next in the Marvel Animated Universe at the moment annoys me almost as much as the bad writing, changing the Guardians to look more like the movies when up till now they were more comic based in their style is a big annoyance for me.

  6. You know what I hate about this show not that it canceled A: EMH cause I won’t hate a show replacing one that is stupid and childish and of course the replacement might be good, in this case AA replacing A:EMH is salt on the wounds, no what I hate is they made this show to connect to the movies fine not bad marketing but then they change so much from the movies

  7. What do I make of Avengers Assemble? That they never should have canned Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to make this sub-par imitation.

  8. Please let someone ask for agents of S.M.A.S.H. because at least agents of smash actually have a good writing team every Tuesday, sadly they write scripts for an entire week so that means that there is one good series of beats but otherwise terrible. But it’s still better than avengers assembled, because at least there Incredible Hulk is actually a character, and red is actually funny.

  9. Thing is, if I were to copy the review here word for word, it is so generic I could replace Avengers Assemble with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and it would be equally as correct. The art and stories on EMH are bad and inconsistent. They are cliche and ran out of idea, ending up copying the comics poorly. And the characters that were meant to be funny took themselves too seriously and the lessons learned were also the ones forgotten conveniently to make a comic story work.

    Ah, but no need to mention that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have the weakest security because they mention it in the show so… haha joke rather than it being fixed after somebody gets in.

    All in all, no originality, bad art, lousy story telling and that’s the cartoon you all want back???

    • NostalgiaManiac

      You are so wrong in so many ways that it isn’t even funny. Did you watch EMH with your eyes closed?

      • I agree with this guy. EMH was a far superior show. When I watched EMH, and actually enjoyed it. When I tried to watch AA – key word, “tried” – I kept falling asleep, mostly because I couldn’t muster enough concern for the characters to care whether they won or lost their battles. Bottom line: argue whatever you want, EMH got right what AA gets wrong.

        • Some people say 30 Rock is superior to Studio 60. Some called The Practice a better show than Boston Legal. Some people like mint ice cream and others like chocolate.

          I had the opposite reaction than you Tragic. I watched all EMH as I always do, in a binge viewing and had to rewatch episodes because it was so dull and repetitious to me. That’s when I realized I had seen almost everything in it before… in the comics. I’m not even talking about the overused “breakout of prison” bit used multiple times in DC comics and Marvel’s few bad attempts at it as well. But all the stories were basically retellings of the same stories already told.

          They say, if you have to remake a show or movie, you should bring something new to it. Well, Rob Liefeld art is not worth writing the same story.

          But I watched USM and it was new and funny. Then AA came on and, tough it took the Dram-Com route, it was a story about a young Falcon’s joining, a new cabal of villains trying to best the heroes, even a new take on an old foe, a suped up Red Skull. Then came my favorite, Agents of SMASH, featuring a reasoned Hulk. It took me a moment to get what some people don’t, this takes place after AA, which is why Hulk is more articulate and calm.

          So, bottom line, argue what you want, AA got it right what EMH got very wrong.

  10. It’s so depressing they had such amazing shows going on like Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers: EMH (and the mediocre Wolverine and the X-Men, but whatever XP lol)… and, now? Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk: Agents of SMASH… all three complete garbage.

    If only Marvel could do their animated shows like the Hulk vs Wolverine short. I loved the animation and art style and writing of that one. But alas, that was a one-time wonder, sadly… oh well, at least we have the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  11. Here’s the way I see it: if Marvel Studios actually wants a show to keep the Avengers fresh in our minds, they should focus on making a show we would actually want to watch. AA may be closer aesthetically to the film franchise, but it’s not a good show; is that how you really want to represent your product? If anything, I would expect a good show to do a better job of what they were trying to accomplish.

  12. I’m sorry, but after watching just the first few episodes of season 1 I couldn’t get into Avengers Assemble. It just reminded me too much of how it caused the premature cancellation of a much better show (in my opinion), Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (as your fellow Channel Awesome member Blockbuster Buster has mentioned in his own videos on the subject).

    Seeing that they seem to be doing the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ story from your own post here, I might be interested in watching it again, but from what you say in the opening alone, it might not be worth it (and going back to A:EMH, I thought they did the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline perhaps better than the actual comics did it, to a degree :))

  13. I think most of Avengers Assemble’s problems come from airing after EMH.
    I don’t think the two should be compared, since they’re both going different directions in terms of how they want to entertain an audience. One wants to be more like the comics and take itself more serious, the other wants to have fun with itself while taking a more light-hearted approach. I can’t really blame AA for being different.

    For once I’d like to see someone do a review of Avengers Assemble without exaggerating the Ant-Man episode, Falcon’s mom’s cookies, or any mention of EMH being replaced (and better). Same goes for Ultimate Spider-Man; a review for that without mentioning Spectacular being the end all, be all.

    I understand why people don’t like this show, and that’s perfectly fine. I just have yet to see a well-though-out review out of any of these shows that doesn’t come across as a rant.

    • AA and USM are horrible shows even if you don’t compare them to anything. Both have horribly immature and unlikeable main characters, lazy writing and tons of overused sitcom/kids show clichés.

      • You are aware that you are basically saying that you don’t like a show because it isn’t the type of show you’d watch. You might just not be into dram-Coms and prefer Melodramas. So watch The Practice and let Ally McBeal and Boston Legal alone.

        AA and USM and SMASH are well written, are meant to have their comedy and drama together, and they are well drawn and consistent. If you don’t like Denny Crane and Alan Shore worried about Klingons and sleeping together, while the big lawsuit is solved, then don’t watch Boston Legal. If you don’t want to listen about Richard’s obsession with waddles and seeing a 3d dancing baby announce Alley’s biological clock, don’t watch Alley McBeal. Stick with brooding Bobby and Grumpy Ellen and boring… everybody else who isn’t yelling or crying.

        Lazy writing is when you basically copy the comic books and merely animate the already drawn images. Just because it’s now in a Rob Liefeld style doesn’t make EMH better.

        • After this and the comment on youtube; I begin to wonder if the only defendeur of this show are just really weird people.

          • Likewise, buddy. I can tell you this, so far from what I’ve seen on message boards, websites and comments, the people who bash these new Marvel shows are some of the rudest, most obsessive ‘critics’ for any animated show out there right now.

            In fact, 99% percent of the new shows’ fans I’ve meet, talked to, and seen are some of the most kindest and open-minded people you will ever meet. Believe me, I’ve been on the Internet long enough to know. The 1% are crazies because assholes like you who think letting children watch AA is bad parenting MADE THEM that way. You drove them insane from all your constant obsession with following these shows around to get your daily fix of hearing your opinion reflected back at you.

            So no dude, I would say these ‘haters’ are in fact the ‘weird’ people you speak of.

  14. I dropped this series after a few episodes. Good to know there’s no need to pick it up again… probably ever again.
    The Disney XD shows released by Marvel are just abysmal and makes me long for either the days of the classic ’90s hero TAS-cartoons, or just a few years ago when Spectacular Spider-Man, Wolverine & the X-Men and Avengers EMH were on the air.

    I don’t understand how these shows keep “making money” for Marvel. I haven’t heard anyone speak positive things about this show.

    • The amount of complaints from people on the internet aren’t even close to comparing with the 600,000-800,000 that this show gets in viewership. Individuals in message boards and comment sections internet AREN’T the majority. Hence, the vocal minority.

      The most you add up to is a few thousand, minus the multiple accounts and different usernames, and that’s being generous.

      • Monsieur Safior

        Yeah bad parenting control the world.T_T

      • Let’s put it this way: the majority of those who actually have an opinion worth expressing seem to be saying AA is crap. Haven’t seen a whole lot of people offering a decent defense of the show.

        • I have yet to really hear a decent defence of EMH, considering if you take any of them, including this very one and change AA to EMH, you get the same review.

          Though, the major problem I see here is the same as if people watched Ally McBeal and expected The Practice.

          For example: AA is meant to be a Dra-Com, not a Melodrama like EMH. The characterizations are very consistent. The art doesn’t look lot Rob Liefeld splewged it out (he is not an artist). The relationships between the characters of AA are very well define and the scripts didn’t need to be stolen and copied from the comic books.

          • Well know EMH is well written, have great character, great story line and a unique design.

            ASSemble is written on sitcom cliché, unlikable character, uninspired design and the storyline is harsh.

  15. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on this as much as I would formerly have since I’ve been missing these episodes. Dang you, college! To be honest, I think the reason I like this show so much is… well… ever since seeing Teen Titans Go!… my standards have been softened. Granted this show still has its problems, but it doesn’t stop it from being at least enjoyable in my opinion.

  16. Its honestly pretty sad, all the Marvel cartoons these days seems to be quite awful, just dumbed down shadows of vastly superior shows like EMH or Spectacular Spiderman…It always depresses me to see good, TRULY GOOD, shows get cancelled in their prime in favor of crappier programming that has far less thought or care put into it. The same thing goes for DC cartoons now as well, Teen Titans Go is a TERRIBLE show, an insult to the memory of the original Teen Titan cartoon series & its a serious shame that Young Justice was cancelled in favor of it >_<

  17. EMH was so good, it was smart and funny. Dumb stuff happened in it, yes, but the overall tone of the show was fun and vivid. It let me forgive thinks like Hawkeye eating Black Panther’s salve. AA just feels like they want to pander to the lowest common denominator. I like elements of it, but all in all, it just feels forced and tacked on.

  18. I’m gonna keep this simple.
    Black Widow, you’re the only one who can resist the Infinity Gems!
    Oh No! After dodging other shoe horned in heroes it’s the end of the episode and I’m loosing myself to the Infinity Gems!
    You can resist them!
    Then THANOS!

  19. You hit the nail right on the head. It’s a shame that these guys try to make things as simplistic as possible without any effort, because it feels like there’s a few good ideas in each of these but the crew apparently feels the need to not really try. Coincidentally most of the main writers for those three shows also make up the primary creative teams on the current Ninja Turtles cartoon on Nickelodeon, which also happens to be one of the worst things currently on the air; much like the “trio” it does its best to dumb everything down as possible.

    Let’s face it: action cartoons are dead now. When these things are the best you have to offer with anything that tries to take itself a bit more seriously getting killed by the networks, you know you’re in trouble.

  20. I’ll have to say i love Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. over Avengers Assemble & Ultimate Spider-man yes it could of like Ultimate Spider-man but i have to say it get heart and it make me laugh and did the super heroes team best then both Avengers Assemble & Ultimate Spider-man who just dumb.And i’ll wonder why it on the air Disney XD.

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