Unrepentant Geeking: Spider-Man – Sins Past 1-3

In this special 2-part Patreon requested review, Shaun battles against… The. Worst. Spider-Man. Comic. EVER!

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  1. God that storyline was horrible.

  2. I’ve never heard of Sins Past. I guess all the hate for One More Day has overshadowed it. Yeah, you brought out my main question. How would the twins be that old? Like in their 20’s or 30’s. LOL. Also, I enjoyed hearing you go crazy over this awful storyline. LOL. I am so glad that I clicked on this video! 😀

    • They’d be like seven years old. To be fair, Piccolo became an adult in three, and Hulk’s kids became adults in two. Blame comic book time/alien biology(though it technically makes Piccolo fangirls pedophiles)

  3. Why?………why…….WHY DID YOU REMIND ME OF THIS AWFUL STORY. I’m surprised Linkara didn’t cover this comic.

    I hate this story so much I like One More Day better then this. That’s right I said it. I’ll say it again. I like One More Day better then Sins Past. At the end of the day I accept that OMD happened.

    If I had a choice to pick which event never happened in the Spider-Man universe I would pick Sins Past EVERY time.

    May this stupid story that ruined Gwen Stacy’s character burn in hell!!

  4. I thought this was going to be about the story where MJ dies from Peter’s radioactive sperm. How the HELL did Marvel approve that?? But yeah, Sins Past is awful and STUPID. I stopped reading comics because both Marvel AND DC have put out stories in recent years that (I feel) show very little respect for their audience. Not everything is like that, I know, but they have lost my faith, and until they show they have changed, I won’t come back.

    • To be fair Peter’s sperm being radioactive has main series continuity since in what is considered one of Spider-man’s best story’s ‘Master Planer’ he accidentally made Aunt May sick with radiation poisoning when he gave her a blood transfusion.

      • But you can’t take cancer spooge seriously at all! That’s like saying “Masturbating caused my penis to be lit aflame” and playing it dead straight. “Radioactive spider-jizz” is something I’d expect Glenn Quagmire to have

  5. This is worse than One More Day?!…well, I get what you mean by that. One More Day ruined Peter’s character from then on until maybe Superior(or, as Linkara believes, the point when the universe collapses on itself and reforms into a continuum where Joe Quesada was never born). Sins Past decided to retroactively ruin Gwen Stacy, take a giant dump upon the tragedy of her character, and worst of all, it didn’t need to!

    Seriously, are you that concerned with keeping Peter young that you decide they can’t be his kids? Teenagers can relate to the idea of teenage pregnancy. Peter must take responsibility for knocking his girlfriend up, and it makes Norman even more of a scumbag for turning his own flesh and blood against them. Maybe show a parallel universe or something where Norman didn’t get a hand on them, and make that a new series: Spider-Dad.

    I’m rather annoyed by the “no kids” rule. They miscarriage, the kids are fake, get aged rapidly and aren’t raised, just get retconned or are long-lost children. That and the insistence of eliminating or minimizing family. I gots me some ideas for super-dads
    * Captain America-Turns out he ended up having a child with Peggy, so when he gets unfrosted there’s a bitter old man who never knew his dad. They get to know each other and Cap’s mission is to make up for never being around
    * Iron Man-Dude’s probably got a bunch of illegitimate children.
    * Spider Man-Do Spider Dad. Being a dad will give an extra level of responsibility that has a lot of story potential

  6. this episode just made you look annoying and bad. Actually I am not even sure how bad the issues even were because your style of reviewing was so hard to concentrate and all over the place. Even included high pitch voices I cant even completely make out what you are saying at parts.

    You did not even bother to film yourself between the comic.

    Clearly just lazy and half assed work:/

  7. Know what, the whole “magical effects are behind things” makes a lot of sense. Think about it, no person can possibly make these kinds of constant terrible decisions through his entire life while also somehow resetting his entire life to zero over and over again, not to the levels that Spiderman comics get up to, and not have something be behind it. Yes, I know it’s editorial staff, but the in universe explanation.

  8. Congrats Shaun, you actually know what IS the worst spider-man comic. As shitty as One More Day was at least it didn’t completely assassinate and destroy a character to make edgy villains that will never be reused outside of other shitty storylines. That and alternate universal retcons to pretend it didn’t happen works great on one more day, not so much for this…It really kinda fucks up anything involving Gwen, I’m kind of scared what the Osborns might do to her in Spider-Gwen…

  9. I have always intensely disliked J Michael Strazinski’s writing on Spider-Man. I mean look, I don’t and can’t hate the guy himself; he did a spectacular job on Thor before Marvel screwed him over, he pushed The Real Ghostbusters cartoon into better storytelling and character than any other kids’ cartoon show was doing in that era, and best of all made Babylon 5. But good fucking Christicles, he did a shit job on Spider-Man from beginning to end. It was a complete train wreck from beginning to end, with very occasional rays of sunshine swallowed up by dark clouds made of pure crap.

    He opened it with a god-awful, idiotic retcon story about how Spider-Man’s powers didn’t come from science, it came from MAGIC TOTEM POWER S, and Peter’s a fucking CHOSEN ONE. Uuuugghhhh… that retcon is so ridiculous and flies in the face of everything Spider-Man is supposed to be about. It is the polar opposite of what he was made for, and it lead to so many completely idiotic stories like the craptactular Spider-Verse. His handling of the Civil War tie-ins, both in the Fantastic Four AND Spider-Man stories, was beyond immature, petty, idiotic and only served to make the entire event more unpleasant and infuriating. His other Spider-Man stories ranged from utterly dull and boring, like the wasted six-issue storyline Skin Deep which was an utter waste of time and so damned predictable what was going to happen right from the first ten seconds, to infuriatingly awful like this asinine, plotless, dumbass story.

    JMS got really pissed and ranted and raved about how they invalidated his stories with OMD. He hated the idea of stifling his vision and his wants for how the plot would progress, and how he wanted MJ and Peter to stay as a couple. But the fact is, his run was overall shit. Maybe not all the time, but it began shitty, kept returning to shit, and ended shit. I see nothing in OMD that is all that worse than the brainless tripe he was already making.

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