Unrepentant Geeking: Spider-Man – Sins Past 4-6

Shaun concludes his look at the worst Spider-Man comic ever written.

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  1. I think this story would have been better if Peter HAD been the kids father. Because think about it. Which is worse.
    Peter and Gwen had slept together, both being adults and in love, and Gwen get’s knocked up and goes to Europe in fear of what Peter will say, then Norman finds out and kills her to steal the kids to someday use against him.
    Or, Gwen sleeping with another man and cheating on Peter then running off the Europe and ending up dead.
    And I agree. The whole. Keeping Peter as a teen is beyond stupid and has lead to so many horrible horrible stories. If they truly want Peter to remain a teen. Then do it. De-age him into a teen and keep him there.
    Because if your going to let a character age and have continuity. Then keep dealing him every time he gets to old people aren’t going to care. We read comics to see characters have new adventures and watching them grow and change. Not to retread the same lessons over and over again.

  2. poor little review bot, never had a chance… brave Reviewatron 3000 never forget! (pours a WD40)

  3. Like I said last week, I’ve never heard of this storyline so I was interesting to see how this stupid thing was going to end. R.I.P Reviewbot 🙁 The “twist?” with Norman Osborn is even worse if you imagine it as William DaFoe. LOL, Grody. All of your points at the end made sense. Also, wow, you really hate Terminator: Genysis, huh? LOL

  4. Osborne’s “O” face looks just like mine … and that is terrifying!

  5. was it just me, or did they intentionally make Norman Osborn look like Tommy Lee Jones (kind of how they made Ultimate Nick Fury look like Sam L. MFin Jackson? ^_^)

  6. I agree: This is the worst Spider-Man story of all time. It just feels sleazy and cheap and gimmicky and everything else bad storytelling is made of. Gwen and Norman getting together is the least likely pairing you could possibly shake out of the grab bag of Spider-Man characters. I mean, try to name a less plausible encounter: Gwen and Aunt May? Maybe? (Yeah, good luck getting that image out of your heads.)

    ALL THAT SAID…this style of review is hackneyed at best. By “this style” I mean the mock hysterics, the howling, the elaborate skit dialogue indicating pain and mental anguish, the garment-rending and fictional Powers That Be subjecting the critic to punishment and, oh God, it’s just so played out. Maybe this stuff was funny (generously…) five or six years ago, but now?

    And honestly, it weakens the critique. This material is so bad, it can indict itself. Just give it to us straight: Here’s what the story is, and here’s why it’s terrible. If you bend yourself into knots trying to pretend it’s even worse than it is (for comic effect, I understand, but nevertheless), that suggests that, somehow, it wasn’t bad enough on its own already. And we know it was.

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