Unrepentant Geeking: Star vs The Revenge of the Rouges

Shaun reviews Disney’s latest animated TV offering plus checks back in with the CW’s superhero shows.

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  1. From what I’ve seen so far, Star vs the Forces of Evil seems pretty damn awesome
    Definitely ending on my top list next to Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Randy Cunningham, and Gravity Falls
    Not sure why you make such a big deal out of Star being a girl, I mean, not even the show itself does (as you yourself pointed out)
    Awesome characters are awesome because they are awesome. A character should be a character before anything else. Not sure why it is so hart to understand for you people.

    I wonder, what’s your opinion on Wally West being black in the New 52?

    I lost quite a bit of respect for Tim Schafer after he made several times more funding from his Broken Age kickstarter than he asked for and still couldn’t complete the project.
    I mean, Broken Age was good, but seeing how much money went into it, one would expect Act 2 to be out by now.

    • Because a show not making a big deal out of a female protagonist is kind of a big deal. Like he said, they show could’ve fallen to the MANY tropes that are still prevelant in many shows… although I have to admit I’ve seen a decline of those in these past few years, which is good news.

      • I read somewhere that one of the reasons why there are so many white male characters as protagonists is because whenever you make your protagonist something else, people start thinking that you are trying to make a statement and thus start reading into it in ways that were never intended to

        Which is why I’m really glad at the trend we now got in the 2010s, of allowing the characters to be characters first, and not trying to make a damn statement about it
        Don’t preach it!
        Just Do It!

    • IDK what Shaun’s opinion on New 52 Wally West is, but right now I’m about to say mine. As an African American male myself I must say that DC seems to have a serious problem with preferring to just half-hazardously turn random characters black as opposed to playing up those who are black to begin with. So, instead of giving characters like Static Shock (dude had serious when the New 52 started and got canceled 8 issues in because of it), or any of the many other minority Milestone characters, or characters like Black Lightning and Vixen a second chance at starring in their own series or at least appearing more in other books, they got laid by the wayside.

      What really bugs me about the Wally West redesign is how lazy it feels to me. You see DC artists have had this history of white washing their character designs so characters like Connor Hawke who is 1/4 black, 1/4 Korean, 1/2 white and Damian Wayne who is 1/4 Arabic, 1/4 Chinese, 1/2 Scottish (yes Batman is Scottish) end up looking like they are 100 percent Caucasian at times when they clearly aren’t. Wally West feels like the opposite of that. They turned him part black but didn’t keep his red hair and freckles, so now he looks kind of dull and generic. Because of this and my mixed feelings on Brett Booth’s art, sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t, I haven’t been keeping up with the current Flash stories.

      Other characters that used to be white and are now either black or “biracial” include Helena Bertinelli, Morgan Edge, Etta Candy, and Serifan of the Forever People (who is now also now Vykin’s sister). Most of these characters are so low profile no one would care if their race changed and Helene Bertinelli, being biracial, can also maintain her Italian Mob related family ties for her origin. Can I just say that this feels kind of sneaky. Like they just want to change up side characters and background characters to make it seem like they are being more diverse as opposed to showing off bigger minority characters as main or supporting. Just a thought.

      • And I fully agree with you here
        While there are characters like Batwing and John Stewart, those largely profit from the legacy they are attached to (similarly to the current Ms. Marvel over at Marvel)

        As far as the white-washing of mixed-race characters goes, I kinda blame that on the apparent inability of the artists to draw mixed features, and thus default to just one of the races (I’m going to switch to cartoons here if you don’t mind, and point to the animated Disney show “American Dragon: Jake Long” where the protagonist is supposed to be half white and half Chinese, but he’s just drawn like all the other Chinese characters.)
        It does not help that from what I’ve heard, western art-schools only teach one to draw Anglo-Saxon features

  2. I don’t know why but this isn’t playing for me. I think it’s blip. I’m on my phone trying to watch this.

  3. Star is a typical stereotype of magic girl who fall from the sky to live with an awkward guy.
    Something we saw being repeated in animes since the 1980s.
    The western cartoon humor and narrative is very refreshing, plus the male protagonist that relate to us westerns is something that I always wanted in animes.
    Until now I just saw the two first episodes and I just loved this series.
    Has potential to surpass Gravity Falls and Adventure Time as my favorite cartoon.

  4. Just checked out Star, and yeah it was pretty good, certainly had me laughing a lot at the very least.

    Anyone else wanna try out the “jellybean hallucination mist”?

  5. ive seen episode 1 and i didn’t like it… i feel like its trying too hard to be in the swing of things… i find it generic, uncreative, and obnoxious.

  6. This show is trying too hard to be wacky and awesome. It’s like Star is Pinkie Pie with even her usual constraints of 4th wall-breaking removed. That, plus the show is rushing along at a breakneck speed as if it was written by – and for – hyperactive attention-deficit kids. Oh wait… it probably was, considering the trend these days. This is Disney, and remember, they were the ones who axed thoughtful Marvel shows with long storylines in favour of episode-of-the week comedy-parodies like Ultimate Spiderman or the new Avengers toon.

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