Unrepentant Geeking: Star Wars – Coming Home

The Dark Lord Lorne Horning joins Shaun for a discussion on the latest news & trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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  1. I JUST saw the second trailer yesterday so this came at a perfect time for me. The only reason that I am feeling iffy about the upcoming movie is because I am afraid that it will become too Disney-fied. However, I didn’t completely hate the prequels. To me, Jar Jar Binks was the worst thing about them. I agree with Lorne in that I want these movies to talk about the last legs of the First Order/Empire.

  2. ManWithGoodTaste

    I saw Episode 1 first, and therefore had no expectations. I was not disappointed because I did not have a decade of headcanon built-up. And the romance subplot in Ep II seems less cringy to me, after I lived for a while, and saw many real couples talk about their feelings. It is just as corny in real life. And if you think you don’t have ridiculous conversations with your significant other, let me tell you: you do.

    Anyway, I never hated the prequels, and will not be……. ahem…….. Forced by angry nerds to submit to their domineering opinion.

    Also, how do you fight with that new sword? You would cut your own hands off.

    Also, I am just as excited for the second season of Rebels, as for Episode 7.

    ALSO, despite me liking the prequels, I will agree that good ol’ Georgie is slowly going senile lately (SW on Blu-Ray, Strange Magic). Will he ever do anything good ever again?

  3. The trailer looks very promising but its still not a given that these sweet ass visuals will be complemented by a good story. It looks adventurous and fun though.

    The worst thing that could happen is that the old characters steal the lime light of the new ones wich would be a big dissapointment to me. I also hope that Abrams didn’t had too much of a hand in the script because whenever he writes stories… well look at ST Into Darkness and LOST. I basicly fear that this movie could just be a whole lot of pretty looking nothing like Into Darkness because Abrams retools the whole thing into what he thinks is appropriate for Star Wars and rehashes iconic elements of the other movies. That one guy in the chrome Stormtrooper armor for example has a very suspiscious Boba Fett vibe wich worries me.

    I was surprised myself to see a real life BB-8. That thing really works.

    I always found the Star Wars prequels to be okay. Not very well written but okay. To me the redeeming qualities come from the designs and the fight coreography. The story at its core was interesting but not very well executed and given that Lucas wrote the whole thing himself it’s no surprise. These where just weak Star Wars movies but really not that offensive as many make them out to be.

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