Unrepentant Geeking: Star Wars – Going Rogue

Shaun & Oda finish out their Star Wars Celebration discussion with Rogue One, Battlefront & Rebels.

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  1. I’m assuming that this is taking the place of any May 4th or 5th recording? As long as each movie is made with some measure of love for the source material, these movies should be just fine. Rouge One will either be very good or very bad… I can’t tell yet. War movies tend to be boring. I hope that it’s not rated R. I don’t think that Star Wars would belong with that. What content in a Star Wars movie could possibly make it R-rated? I think that a PG-13 would be just right.

    I have no opinion of Battlefront… Oh, also, I need to catch up with Star Wars Rebels.

  2. Star Wars Rogue sounds very interesting and can work a bit with Rebels as well. I do like when Star Wars gets darker and also builds up more on the characters and side stories.

    As for Battlefront, with what I have seen I am rather disappointed. The Battlefront I have always wanted would be a graphic/gameplay upgrade of Battlefront II and improved space battles done similar Rogue Squadron. Instead, it looks to be a massive downgrade and no single player mode just outright sucks along with missing the Clone Wars. The story of the 501st veteran during the rise of the Empire was a good story to tell for the game and would be a good one to reincorporate into the new Battlefront.

  3. ManWithGoodTaste

    Episode 7? Great! More rebels? Great! Even MORE side films? Disney, enough is enough. That is too much. Please, no more.

  4. It sounds like Rogue One would be a good place for a cameo from Ashoka, since she appeared in the Rebels cartoon, proving she survived the Clone Wars. Since she left the order she is technically NOT a Jedi so she can appear in the movie without breaking the promise. I would LOVE to see what Ashoka would look like in live action, as well as other surviving force users such as Ventrice and Darth Maul with his cybernetic legs.

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