Unrepentant Geeking: Trailer Talk – GhostWar

Petros L. Ioannou joins Shaun as he vents some anger about the new Ghostbusters trailer – but not in the way you may be expecting.

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  1. The trailers are really bad and I didn’t like many things about them and because of that I’m not going to the theaters for the premiere. I’ll wait. I’ll read/watch some reviews of people who I trust, with similar movie taste. I’m not in a hurry, I can wait and if the film doesn’t have a good reviews after premiere, I can always watch it on netflix later. The same things goes for Batman Vs Superman. I have a fell that it will be bad movie, so I’ll wait for some info about it. It’s simple, I don’t want to reward the studio for making bad movies. And people just don’t want unnecessary remakes and we had plenty of them in last couple of years. People get angry about Total Recall and Robocop and people will get angry about Ghostbusters if it’s bad. That’s also because if you are recommending someone a classic it’s sometimes 50-50 chance that they will try the forgettable, and sometimes simply bad, remake (and I blame google for it, the search engine shows me a newer version on the top).

  2. Jesus Christ, Marveltards are becoming the most annoying fandom out there.

  3. When it comes to the Ghostbusters trailer I think it is fair to judge the film by the trailer. For instants one of the things I hated was the puke bit. Now if they have one joke like that and that it made it into the trailer what are the odds of it being the only joke like that? odds are there are more jokes like that. I did the same thing to Grown Ups 2 and I saw the deer pissing scene in the trailer. Never say the film but my guess there was more than one joke like that. Plus I didn’t like the CGI which even if there are few scenes with ghost I am never going to like it no matter how little or how much there are. Now judging the acting I guess might be unfair by the few scenes but what would you say to the people who were right after you see the film if it does suck.

  4. lol even women are mad at the ghostbusters trailer, the only people who could possibly come to it’s aid are cucks and sjw fedora neckbeards

    • keep acting like the trailer doesn’t show actual scenes in the movie.
      by the way i work in visual effects. you are right they might not be done.
      they weren’t done either in the trailer for the failed green lantern movie a few years back.
      if you really expect it to look much different you’re in for a rude awakening

  5. I’ve never met anyone who is Team Iron Man before. O.O And… I admit… I liked Catwoman. Bring on the comments! I’m ready for them! LOL. Anyways, I never saw any of the original Ghostbuster things but the new movies look like Bridesmaids with ghosts. I absolutely hated Bridesmaids. I see what you’re saying with trailers though. I remember the 47 Ronin Skeleton man thing. I swear they cut out scenes with him in the final movie. I never heard about the Star Trek thing.

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