Unrepentant Geeking: Trailer Talk SDCC 15

Petros joins Shaun for a look at the big trailers coming of San Diego Comic-Con this year.

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  1. I had no problem with the superman trailer, but the cgi in the trailer was all over the place with some hit and misses. Some scene seem like they were mat panting. Best trailer was ID4. if there was a trailer that toss you into the theater without giving away the movie it was that one

  2. I’ll probably see Man from U.N.C.L.E. Wait, that’s Henry Cavil? I thought that was Armie Hammer! Did some recasting happen or what? I hope that you do a podcast on Batman v. Superman when it comes. The trailer is very good and it has at least changed my opinion to a semi positive one. Well, if the movie is bad… maybe it will be so bad that it’s good? Maybe? How is Zach an idiot? I think he’s clever but then he messes up on little things and people hate him for it. Although, yeah, he does need more color in this movie and yes, this movie looks over-crowded. I love Sucker Punch. I know I’m in the minority yet I really don’t know why people hate it. 99.% of horror movies (even horror-comedies) aren’t my thing so I’ll be skipping Ash vs. the Evil Dead. I haven’t seen any of the other movies either. You didn’t like Terminator: Geneysis? Well, maybe I am biased because I hadn’t seen the other Terminators movies before that so maybe it does suck to its fans. Finally, I haven’t seen neither the Deadpool or Suicide Squad trailers yet. Shame on me.

  3. One reason why the new Superman movies have degraded coloring is that it helps make the CGI elements blend in better with the real elements. There are quite a number of flicks with CGI that’s well animated and have plenty of detail, yet the coloring is off. Perhaps if the coloring is degraded for the entire picture, it helps make the CGI more convincing. It’s only the theory, though; maybe it’s true that Zack Snyder just wants to make his pictures dark and moody.

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