Until Dawn Let’s Play Part 7 – Backlog Heroes

Calluna and Craig meet everyone’s favorite crazy old guy: Flamethrower Steve!

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  1. Well, you don’t know right off if Jess is alive, did not see her….

  2. The note says “dearest Billy, __ home safely, __ your loving wife and daughter…” I have the feeling that if you checked your clues in the menu, it will probably give you text or at least context of what the clues say. Every time you say “Everyone is alive” you keep forgetting Jess. The thing that grabbed her. Emily is being confronted by a pyromaniac, and she and Matt were almost killed when the tower was knocked down. So….Josh is obviously not in full control of the situation here….oooh. interesting flamethrower guy is good guy…..fascinating. Oh Holy shit, what is that thing! And uh, I am surprised that she could hang onto that thing with her shoulder/neck gnawed on…hmmm. Wendigo. I knew it. Odd that Beth did not look all too gnawed on…but she was sitting up oddly…awww no, way to stop it there! D:

    • Jess IS alive. It’s not a spoiler. If you look at the list of butterfly effects that can happen right after Mike finds Jess, it says that Jess is alive. In that scene, if you take all the safe paths or you miss too many QTEs, you don’t make it there fast enough and when Jess falls down, she’s dead, whereas if you take at least a few of the faster paths, and don’t miss too many QTEs, Jess falls down alive.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I was looking at a lot of until dawn ways to die in the game and stuff from the game and how you could play it on YouTube and saw that flamethrower Steve’s death coming. Still it’s a shame cause he was pretty wack but that wacky old man that everyone loves so I would say it was a suprise but really to me it wasn’t. Still its sad that Beth is dead and I’m pretty sure Hannah is dead but maybe she’s alive(still there’s a 90 percent chance she’s dead and 10 percent she’s still alive so lets find out together shall we).

  4. How was he able to set up those pranks without getting eaten?

    Hey, they came up with a wendigo design that isn’t a deer zombie. Good on them.

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