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In the conclusion to the Until Dawn story, it is now the final hour. Who will live, and who will die?

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  1. You only have to redo chapter 10 to save everyone. When you’re in the mines as Sam and Mike, search around more and you’ll find Hannah’s diary, showing how she turned into a Wendigo. If you do this, Josh will be saved and there will be a scene after the credits. You made the right choices in the lodge. You just need to hold still to save Sam. If you make any other decision, Mike can get hurt, Ashley or Emily could get their eyes gouged out by a wendigo, OR Mike, Ashley and/or Emily could get burned to death in the lodge if you ran for the switch too early as Sam.

    If you chose to shoot Ashley, when Chris runs back to the house, he’ll scream for her to let him in, but she just stares at him, expressionless as the Wendigo comes behind him and cuts his head off. It’s really sad because you see him screaming and about to cry as it happens.

  2. This is a more in depth look of what can happen at the very end when they’re all frozen in the lodge.

    Chris will escape no matter what. If he survived up to this point, he’ll be fine.

    If Sam fails the first “Don’t move”, Mike will save her, but he’ll get thrashed around. As a result, when he breaks the lightbulb, you won’t have the option to save him as Sam, and the Wendigo will get him and thrash him around again. Because of this, he won’t be able to escape since he’s too weak. He will be incinerated in the lodge if Sam at any point chooses to run to the switch, or if she chooses to hide and makess it through all the subsequent “Don’t move” challenges. If Sam dies at any point after this, Mike will take the lighter out of his pocket since he is too hurt to run to the switch and will incinerate himself, the Wendigos and anyone left in the lodge.

    Usually, if Emily, Ashley and Chris are all alive, Chris will leave first, immediately, then Ashley, then Emily. Since Emily is the last person to leave (not counting Sam & Mike), she is the easiest to kill. If Sam chooses to run for the switch during the first time she has that option, Emily, Ashley and Mike will be incinerated. If Sam ran for the switch the second time, Emily and Mike will be incinerated.

    If Sam failed the first “Don’t move”, but succeeded in the second one, the Wendigo will notice Emily. Sam will have the option to either Save Emily or Run for switch. If she saves Emily, Emily will escape and the Wendigo will come for Sam instead, just like with Mike. If she runs for switch, Emily and anyone else inside will be incinerated. If she does nothing, the Wendigo will grab Emily and gouge her eyes out with it’s fingernails.

    If Emily was bitten by the Wendigo, Mike didn’t shoot her and Ashley revealed that the bites weren’t harmless, Emily will push Ashley out of the way when they are running, making Ashley the last one out. If Sam fails the first “Don’t Move” and succeeds the second one, the Wendigo will notice Ashley instead, giving Sam the choice to Save Ashley or Run for Switch. The exact same results will occur.

    If Sam succeeds all the “Don’t move” challenges till Mike breaks the bulb, the Wendigo will notice Mike and you will have the option to Save Mike or Run for Switch. If you run for the switch, as I said, Mike, Emily and Ashley will be incinerated. If you save Mike, the Wendigo will come after Sam, leading to the next “Don’t Move” and the choice to either hide or run for switch. If you do nothing, Mike will get thrashed around and he won’t be able to escape. As I said, if this happens and Sam fails a “Don’t Move” and gets killed, Mike will use his lighter to blow up the lodge, himself the Wendigos and anyone else still inside. If Sam keeps choosing hide and survives all the “Don’t move” challenges or chooses to run for the switch, Mike and anyone else still inside will still be incinerated.

    If Sam chose to save Mike (the option occurs after he breaks the bulb), but she was then killed for failing the “don’t move” challenge any time after that, Mike will run for the switch instead of Sam, destroying the lodge. He won’t use his lighter and blow himself up because the bulb was broken at that point.

  3. Also, earlier in the game when Emily was hanging off the tower, if you chose to save her as Matt instead of jumping to safety, you would’ve fallen in to the mines as well (but a different area than Emily). If Matt falls into the mines, he will inevitably be attacked by a Wendigo. if earlier you made Matt disagree with Emily on going to the radio tower instead of the lodge and you found the flare gun as Emily AND gave it to Matt, he will have a useable flare gun to defend himself from the Wendigo. If not, his jaw will be impaled on a hook.

    Here’s a video:

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I’d like to see calling kill off Chris’s girlfriend instead of josh no maybe she would have been the enemy cause I haven’t seen any videos where a person didn’t kill off josh and kill of Chris’s girlfriend online anywhere. I loved the let’s play though and can’t wait to see you guys do more and would like to see the bonus extras as well as try to get thourgh it without killing any of them.

  5. Hey, great play through you guys, so close on that last one! This is actually my first time seeing a backlog heroes play through and I enjoyed it! As for recommendations on the next game, maybe Tales From the Borderlands might be a nice change of pace from all that intensity earlier.

  6. I’m sorry, but the only way to make actual changes (unless the choice you want to make is in chapter 10) you have to play the whole game again from the start.

  7. Aw, protecting Jess, I respect that choice too. Thankfully it didn’t notice the lantern swinging slightly…I guess that does not count as movement? They must not have a very good sense of smell…too cold maybe? And so close. You did so well keeping everyone alive, it’s amazing.

  8. The monster fight scene was an awesome way end this! Though I did burst out laughing when it revealed the one wendigo hanging onto that weird artsy ball thing. Just chillin’ in a way only something so ridiculously flexible can.

    Things I’d like to see-
    What would happen if everyone is dismissive of the pranks before the supernatural element shows up?
    Any way to find out why releasing the wendigo spirits is a bad idea? Killing them seemed to be the best choice every time.

    • If you kill a Wendigo and it’s spirit is released, it will possess whoever resorts to cannibalism on the mountain. That’s why it’s better to keep them alive but confined in one area. That way they can’t possess anyone else.

      • Thanks. Makes sense, though I imagine this is less of a problem in modern times, weird accidents aside.

        • Yeah, you’re right. The game acknowledges that, if you think about it. It shows that the last time someone resorted to cannibalism was in 1952 when those miners got trapped and the second time it happened was 62 years later in 2014 when Hannah fell into the mines and couldn’t get out because she broke her leg.

    • Also, if everyone who could be dismissive of the pranks was dismissive, it wouldn’t really affect the plot or who lives/dies, but it will make the character’s relationship go down with whoever they’re with. Like if Ashley was dismissive of it, her relationship with Chris might be lowered a bit. It also changes the dialogue a bit. That’s the main affect of the choices you make at the beginning. It changes the dialogue between the characters.

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