USB in the D – WTFIWWY Live

This week: Black Friday or the Purge? You make the call! Also an 11 year old tries VR Grand Theft Auto without the “V,” and yes, they burned down the freaking goat again …

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  1. Can you please post the whole conversation that you have with your co host because they are all really good and funny

  2. I use acetone when I need to dissolve Krazy Glue…OH OH! Remember the Iphone drill thing from a few weeks ago? You said you needed a cyber vagina to make a sound baby? Guess what ELSE does not count as a cyber vagina?

  3. lilith_ascennding

    Some parents have to check their children’s trick or treat candy for razors, other parents have to check their children’s trick or treat DVD’s for porn. Oh, to be an American! 😀

  4. ( 10:53 ) It’s the Necronomicon.

  5. @2:54 Why not just post a security guard in front of it?

    • You honestly think they haven’t already done that in the several decades it’s been happening? It’s not that one or the same group of people are continuously burning the goat down. It’s different people, once included an American tourist that was tricked into it. Arresting only one, doesn’t mean it won’t burn down next time, by some other a-hole.

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