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Nella joins the Maven to sample forbidden vampire themed alcohols and discuss vampire branding.

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  1. Nella’s back!

  2. I’ve missed you two so much!

  3. TragicGuineaPig

    I would suggest asking Mr. Lovecraft to join you sometime for eldritch abomination-themed beverages, but he’s a self-professed teetotaler.

    Silly vampire girls! Everyone knows mead is for Vikings, not vampires!

  4. Your talk of vampire hives complete with queens reminds me of the Soulless series by Gail Carriger. If you haven’t read it, then I recommend it! It’s such a delightful series!

  5. TWO! CAMERA! SHOOOOOT! Ease up on the switching next time, it was a bit much. Nice to see Nella again!

  6. Hooray, another video!!!…wait, is your hair red? Cool!

    0:26 my reaction; Hooray for Nella!! I love how she’s not phased by bizarreness; does she do anymore videos, just in general?

    Your description of the last wine fits well with Dracula 2000 🙂

    Pumpkins…bats…so much weirdness…

    Great video: can’t wait for more videos (especially with Nella, you guys work well together) And those cameos were too cute!!

    Ironically, on the side of this video, I keep getting ads for Twilight streaming sites. Anyone else?

  7. Get a babysitter and bring out Paw next time. I have really missed you guys. Wellcome back to both of you.
    So am I right? Chez is toast?

  8. Nella! *cheers* 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  9. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    What was your son saying I couldn’t really make put the words cause he’s young and all and just learning how to speak?!

    Anyways nice of Bella popping up randomly can’t wait to see more from you.

    Also tell paw to use screenwave and use movie clips and audio on the music movie videos cause on screenwave he can’t get copyrighted 🙂

    • The Real Silverstar

      “Anyways nice of Bella popping up randomly can’t wait to see more from you.”

      It’s Nella, but yeah, nice to see her and Elisa again. I hope Paw makes another video soon; my guess is that he’s probably looking for a place to upload Music Movies without getting into trouble with the copyright bots.

    • Maven of the Eventide

      He’s saying “light.” He loves lights and lamps, and always points at them, whether they’re on or off and says “oooeee liiiiight!” His little glitter skull has light up eyes.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        So cute. Cute kid and I agree he looks like Paw but curious what traits he carries from you(probably that he’s a blood sucking baby vampire).

        I hope that his first words were Da-da since he looks like Paw and also every kids first word they say from their parent is momma and not there dad’s name.

        Anyway thanks for the response your a pretty cool gal and I like the new hair caude your a vampire and vampires like blood so that’s a nice touch.

        Can’t wait to see what’s next do have anything special?!!!

        Sorry if this is too long it’s just freaking awesome that you responded to me and I never thought you would cause parents are always busy with theyre kids but thanks for taking time to answer me and hope you answer the questions above

  10. I remember all the wine reviews you did. I guess they’re just not as exciting. This is still pretty good. It’s great to see Nella here too. I guess the Nostalgia Chick really is gone. Wow, this was a long video just to talk about wine.

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