Vampire Reviews: Dracula Untold

Our prince is a monster! Let’s kill him! Oh, wait, never mind, I guess he’s cool

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Yeah, I wasn’t fully sure what to make of this movie. I liked parts of the film, but scratched my head in wonder on other things. When it comes to Dracula being different from the other vamps that he creates, in that they became homicidal maniacs; I figured it was because unlike him, they were untrained or psychologically unprepared for the new power they weld. Dracula had spent his whole life since the Turks took him fighting as a warrior until he was allowed back home. He had both physical and mental strength from the disciplinary training he received from… Read more »

Hey, another comment! I had heard about this movie. I also heard it was pretty bad. I like this review. It’s weird how you took a break from the pumpkin thing. Then again, this is better.

Mun Salvesche
I have to admit that I liked the movie much for the effects, that darcula was not glittering in the sun, etc. It was just a popcornfilm… If you think too much about it, it’s ruined 😉 get’s never close to “only lovers left alive”, but it was fun to watch in the frist place and I liked that they tried to tell more of the man behind the myth dracula, it was at least a try …. I did also thougt that the son/father things where too much, and over the top, but at last it’s a bit of… Read more »
Hello! I have registered an account specifically so I might tell you (other than I watch and enjoy all of your vampire reviews and eagerly await new ones of course), of a film I feel you might enjoy. Wir Sind Die Nacht (We Are The Night in English). It’s got vampires, it’s got powerful girls, even though there is a kind of love interest too that’s more of a sideline than the actual story. The main protagonist is certainly no damsel in distress, nor is she relegated to sex object, nor is she “so bad-ass” she isn’t allowed her own… Read more »

Maven, i have found a vampire movie you have not reviewed 🙂 it is called “What we do in the shadows” and is a comedy in a documentary style and i highly reccomend it.