Vampire Reviews: Dracula Untold

Our prince is a monster! Let’s kill him! Oh, wait, never mind, I guess he’s cool

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  1. Yeah, I wasn’t fully sure what to make of this movie. I liked parts of the film, but scratched my head in wonder on other things.
    When it comes to Dracula being different from the other vamps that he creates, in that they became homicidal maniacs; I figured it was because unlike him, they were untrained or psychologically unprepared for the new power they weld. Dracula had spent his whole life since the Turks took him fighting as a warrior until he was allowed back home. He had both physical and mental strength from the disciplinary training he received from his enemies. Then when he returned home he became their ruler, a great responsibility that requires a strong mind. When he became a vampire, I figured it was all those years of training and ruling his princedom that allowed him the right mind to control the urges or blood craving induced rages that we’ve seen in other vampire tales. I mean look at the other vampires, a couple teen aged girls that have never fought before. A dick priest, whom has no training and spent his life merely preaching. I can see someone like that either staying good or going dark once they’ve received dark power like that. The rest I think were a few of his soldiers men, whom I’m not sure if they’ve gone through the same crap Dracula did, but either way no one was shown to possess the same strong will or mind that Dracula did, plus the manipulating vampire priest sure as shit wouldn’t help.
    When it comes to his random use of vampire powers, you can take as him simply learning more and more about what he can do as the movie progresses. If they do in fact get a sequel (I know its unlikely, but it did end up making $215,240,726 worldwide with a $70 million dollar budget so it’s really up to Universal at this point and how much they spent on advertising) but then go and have Dracula not use a power like the storm summoning at the end when it would be helpful or realistic for him to use it then I’d be pissed.
    If there would be one depressing thing for me to not see in a sequel or the Monster Squad/Monster Avengers crossover that they want to do. It would be not being able to see Charles Dance return as the Master vampire. I want to know his ongoing scheme, why it took so long for everything to come together. Did he wait another 600 plus years because he spent 2000 or so years in a cave so what’s a few hundred years more, he can wait with the patience of a god? Or is it that he knew about the coming return of the Mummy, and while waiting he hears of a mad scientist creating life from death, and that later on scientists have discovered an unknown humanoid reptilian predator in the jungles of the amazon. Perhaps he searched the woods of England to find a immortal werewolf, and add him/her under his employ until the return of the Mummy. I want to know this! Cause, it sure as shit doesn’t seem like Dracula did any of that in the 600 plus years he walked the earth. Hell, he probably cried every night in his lair over the loss of his wife, and the eventual death of his son until he see’s his reincarnated wife in the streets….hey wait a minute….I know he was developing his vampire powers during the film, and that in the original story he could walk in the day light with reduced power, but they decreed in this movie that the sun kills him….when and where did he learn to walk in the sun like the Dracula of old? Questions, questions questions….

    also the movie somehow felt short….

  2. Hey, another comment! I had heard about this movie. I also heard it was pretty bad. I like this review. It’s weird how you took a break from the pumpkin thing. Then again, this is better.

  3. I have to admit that I liked the movie much for the effects, that darcula was not glittering in the sun, etc.

    It was just a popcornfilm… If you think too much about it, it’s ruined 😉 get’s never close to “only lovers left alive”, but it was fun to watch in the frist place and I liked that they tried to tell more of the man behind the myth dracula, it was at least a try ….

    I did also thougt that the son/father things where too much, and over the top, but at last it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure vampirefilm for me …

    @NightwingMike: thx telling us, how much money it made, I really wondered if it made much of it…

    I like your point about draculas “children”,
    but I think that maven is right, there could have been better ways to do that

  4. jauntyjabberwocky

    Hello! I have registered an account specifically so I might tell you (other than I watch and enjoy all of your vampire reviews and eagerly await new ones of course), of a film I feel you might enjoy. Wir Sind Die Nacht (We Are The Night in English). It’s got vampires, it’s got powerful girls, even though there is a kind of love interest too that’s more of a sideline than the actual story. The main protagonist is certainly no damsel in distress, nor is she relegated to sex object, nor is she “so bad-ass” she isn’t allowed her own emotions. Warning though the dub was done very poorly, so if you can find it with subtitles that is recommended.

    I hope you get the chance to check it out and enjoy! ^_^

  5. Maven, i have found a vampire movie you have not reviewed 🙂 it is called “What we do in the shadows” and is a comedy in a documentary style and i highly reccomend it.

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