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The Maven examines homoerotic vampire themes through the lens of yaoi manga.

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  1. Maven of the Eventide has the incorrect pronunciation of the word “manga”.

    If Maven of the Eventide can read the International Phonetic Alphabet then this is how manga must be pronounced:


    • Nobody cares.

    • Sure it does

    • a) Before correcting someone on their pronunciation ask yourself: “Did the wrong prounciation impact my or others’ understanding?” If the answer is “no” and the person is native a speaker, then don’t correct them. There is such a large variety of dialects in the anglosphere, chances are good that what you think is “wrong” is just a regional variant.
      If you still choose to be a smart ass then check a few generally accepted dictionaries to make sure you are actually right. Or to be prepared for counteragruments if the case you are arguing is controversial. In fact, while the Cambridge dictionary lists your version of the pronunciation, Merriam webster lists Maven’s version.
      The way Maven pronounces it is actually very close to the original Japanese prounciation. And while of course foreign words get adapted once they enter aother language and demanding everyone should pronounce them that way is nonsensical, demanding *not* to pronounce them the way the original way is even more so.

      b) Before referring to IPA, you should make sure that you can actually use it right. I’m sure you don’t pronounce both a’s in “manga” exactly the same way. What you probably mean is [mæŋgə].

  2. Has Maven ever reviewed the book Vampire$ or the movie based on it?

  3. Maven Rocks

  4. The way I see it, a vampire that has lived for centuries needs to spice up their sex life, so of course, the males are going to experiment every once in a while.

  5. I didn’t know much about gay vampires. Yeah, manga review! That’s kind of rare. You’re still saying good things about “Twilight”. It won everything at the MTV Movie Awards. Why aren’t any of those people here?

  6. Check out Until the Full moon by Sanami Matoh if you want an interesting sort of Shonen Ai vampire story ( by the same author of FAKE, its only two volumes) with a fun take on both vampires and werewolves.
    Also, check out J R Wards series The black Dagger brotherhood if you want to check out a series that does some very interesting things with subverting and playing around with vampire tropes. its probably one of the most unique takes I’ve seen in the genre ( warning though, this one IS an erotica series and does have actual literal sex) including also having a number of LGBT characters and characters with varying disabilities.

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