Vangelus Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Overview

An opening look at the shared gimmickery of 2015’s Generations push.

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  1. stormywaters1014

    I feel like the Arialbots got shafted on their transformations. They feel and look a bit chincy in both robot and vehicle modes. Some of the future stuff looks kinda looks a bit iffy too. I’m OK of the line isn’t the best though, because The Megatron’s already on shelves here, and that is flippin awesome.

  2. Lifelong Transformers fan since the 80’s and….damn. Hasbro and 3rd parties really have their thumb on the pulse of the fandom lately, to the point where its getting really oversaturated. Soooo much great stuff out! TF Generations is like the G1 of my childhood, then there’s masterpeice figures, and 3rd party insanity. Its too much.

    Its all having the opposite effect of forcing me back into retirement. I’ve neither the space, nor the money(ok i have the money but, still) for all this.

    I won’t bother with anything now unless its crazy-good. The last thing i came out of collecting retirement to spring for, was the FansProject Menasor and Gold G1 Predaking reissue a few years back

  3. ShockedSoundwave

    While I only have 3 of this line (Optimus Prime, Dragstrip, and Bombshell), I am LOVING this line. While I thought the FOC Bruticus was just okay, this is a much better way of making a cheaper and affordable combiner. I am super stoked about getting either the Aerialbots, Stunticons, or even the Protectobots. So, here’s to hoping for a new official Bruticus in the near future.

  4. I thought I was done with Transformers after the Predacons from Prime. Once you have Transforming dragons what can top that? I’m excited for this line because it looks like we might get some new combiners along with the G! reissues. The Aerialbots and Stunticons are a lock, but Ultra Prime looks to be a mix-and-match of redecoed to form a new Autobot combiner. I hope we’ll get Protectobots next year and maybe Seacons done right. I got a G1 Seacon and it was a major disappointment, but with this hand-foot-gun versatility, I’d like to see the seafood back on the menu.

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