Vangelus Review – Wario (Jakks World of Nintendo)

Ehhhhhh heh heh heh heh, waaaaaaaa ha ha ha, eh hehhh! Waaaaa ha ha ha, hehhhhhhhhh! I’mma gonna ween!

About Vangelus

A boy who became a man(child), whose lifelong hobbyist passion is the pursuit of toy.  Check out reviews, live through kit-builds, and survive whatever else may come.  Don't worry, The Subtitles will stay by your side...most of the time.


  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Hey since you have no uses for that coin how about you send it to me and I could have it. I could hit my hit on a wall and a coin would plop out of my pocket. This wario looks very cool. But however how did they make Mario into a transformer. Next time tell Mario to say autobots transform and roll out it would be funny if you could do it on camera too.

  2. So a good shelf piece…?

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