Vangelus Review: Waspinator (Transformers Generations)


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  1. My only complaint, beyond the knee joints, is the wasp-head chest plate in robot mode. It looks fine on its own, but it is either placed just slightly too high, or the head is set just slightly too low. Because the top of that chest plate looks like it comes up to what would be about nose-height.

    Take your hands and hold them horizontal in the air, touching middle fingers. Fingers still touching, bring them just under your nose, and then extend them about 5-6 inches from your face. Imagine EVERYTHING under your hands being obscured by that chest-plate. And being in front of his mouth like that, I’d assume that it would muffle his speech a bit (Although it IS waspinator, so this might not be an issue)…

  2. Oh man, this hits a real nostalgic nerve for me, gotta love that questionable CGI Beast Wars

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