Vangelus Reviews: Combiner Wars Voyager Optimus Prime

And now, the combiner team leader that the fandom was waiting for…Optimus Prime!

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  1. The reason there’s a giant open chest cavity on Prime/Motormaster is that there is a smaller combiner that slots into the chest area in that gap to form a chest plate. I find it interesting that none of the figures packaging that I’ve seen mentions the purpose of the smaller figures, as they’re branded “combiner” but don’t really have any obvious purpose – Aside from maybe powerglide’s gun form.

  2. I am extremely disappointed in this video. Optimus Prime did not stab, skin, disembowel, nor indeed do anything to Megatron, Megatron’s liver, Megatron’s bones, nor even to Megatron’s dreams.

    It’s as if Vangelus no longer cares. Snff.

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