Vantrue Dashcam Review – MikeJ

Mike reviews the Vantrue R2 Dashcam, which includes a trendy montage and people almost getting run over. FUN!

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  1. Your neighborhood looks lovely. I love the houses. O.O

  2. 2:25 – The driver. I believe technically one is supposed to wait for the pedestrians to finish crossing the road (or reach the median) before turning like that. The pedestrians were crossing well before the car reached the intersection, so they are not at fault. Although that clip is cut so close to the incident, I can’t tell if the pedestrians properly checked all directions before crossing. They still wouldn’t be the ones in the wrong, but one should always be mindful of the motorized death machines when crossing a road.

    Even if the car is technically in the wrong, it does look like the pedestrians were far enough along that it could comfortably turn – I don’t think that was as close as you make it out to be. A little too close for safety (if one of the pedestrians did something unpredictable, like suddenly turn around to pick up a dropped thing, or something spooked the dog), but still a driving error that we should all be mindful of.

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