Vegeta and the Kaioken – A Dragonball Discussion

Vegeta and Goku. The latter has the Kaioken, the former does not. Will Vegeta learn the Kaioken in Dragonball Super? Will the prince of all Saiyans learn one of Goku’s greatest techniques? Let’s discuss the possibility of that!

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  1. The real question is why Tien doesn’t know how to do it after he spent more than a year training with King Kai. Against Cell would have been a perfect time to pull out that surprise.

    Chaozu and Yamcha its easier to understand and believe not learning it due to less overall aptitude, and Piccollo was only there for like a day… but they’ve had years to learn it in the time since.

    Similarly, why does *no one else* know how to do the genki dama/spirit bomb? It seems like a good clutch move to have access to.

  2. Perhaps Vegeta will have his own unique power up. That’d be cool to see.

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