Vegeta is Nicer Than Goku?! – A Dragonball Discussion

Goku and Vegeta are vastly different from the average Saiyan warrior; however it’s Goku that is considered to be the real good guy in Dragon Ball. However, I believe that Vegeta deserves the title more as he is the character who has undergone the most change and has turned out kinder of heart than the main character. Do you agree? Let’s discuss it!


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  1. Vegeta a nice guy!? Does no one remember planet Arlia? The man committed mass genocide!! On a global scale!!!


    I know, it’s not completely clear, but this scene shows them kissing, I would say.

    • It’s definitely implied in the clip. Honestly, the whole Goku doesn’t know how to kiss his wife revelation on Super is so dumb, I just choose to ignore it.

  3. It’s an interesting case, to be sure. If we’re talking collectively, over the course of the series, then it’s practically objective that the answer is “no.” The endless counts of genocide on Vegeta’s part are preeetty weighty.

    But as far as the points they’ve reached in the present, it’s an interesting question that probably depends on how much you consider “ability to form deep/romantic bonds” equivalent to “kindness.” You could argue that Goku’s lack of such makes him even kinder still, since it makes him less partial, more prone to show kindness (and mercy) to everyone he meets. It lessens his own need for other people, thereby taking the “selfish” quality out of it. It was revealed, after all, that as a boy, he didn’t carry a single negative thought. (Granted, you could take credit away because of the bump on his head, but since it was implied he simply “forgot his mission,” you could argue that all it did was let him start over, without outside influence. And with that in mind, becoming the most innocent person imaginable makes his case pretty well.)

    A better question might be whether Vegeta is more “compassionate” than Goku. As the video pointed out, he almost definitely is towards his loved ones, if no one else.

    • Eh, to be fair, in the Dragon Ball universe they never, EVER, treated blowing up a planet as much of a big deal. It is just something that bad guys do. About on par with kicking a dog. Or evading taxes. Beeru for instance probably destroyed many, many more planets than Vegeta but is still treated with respect and admiration by the “good guys”.

  4. Goku not wishing his grandfather back was explained in the series. Grandpa Gohan himself told him not to wish him back when they fought against each other in the tournament of Master Roshi’s sister, because he had some nice girls in heaven. If not for that Goku would have wished him back.

    So this can’t be used as an argument that Goku didn’t see him as family, if I go by Masakox’s logic it even proves that he did.

  5. I always regarded Goku as not really much of a nice guy. As you put it, he places fighting first (and the only moments he stopped training for a lengthy period of time was when he believed he was the strongest being in existence and there was no more reason to training because he would never find another worthy opponent), earth second (he absolutely WILL jeopardize earth for the chance to fight a stronger opponent at the apex of its power) and family… maybe in the top 10. Possibly top 20. Certainly behind food.

    He is good natured, but he can also be a pretty arrogant bastard when it comes to it. He treated Krillin HORRIBLY all his life, and Krillin is literally his best friend. He is dumb, but even a dumb person can work out when he is hurting those around him. If he spent one thousandth of the effort he puts into training and becoming stronger into developing his social skills and empathy, he would grow as a person and a character. But that’s never been even a consideration for him. As far as he is concerned, as long as there are strong people for him to fight out there, everything is good.

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