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The director of the Zombieland movies takes his shot at a serious movie…I think. Nostalgia Critic looks at the comic book hit Venom.

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  1. I liked this movie. I wish it were worse so I could laugh at it more though. I hope this isn’t a clipless review.

  2. That stuff about Eddies religious father and the hit and run, the art style looked too new to be part of the original storyline from Venom’s debut.

    One of the things I don’t like about the 90’s onward comics is that characters had abuse tagged onto their backstories after the fact, to make them seem more complex. It’s kinda cheap if it’s added or in a flashback. I also don’t know why we use the word complex, since it became a stock answer for every bad guy.

    Classic Spidey villains, before the 90’s, were mostly influenced by events that happened in their adult life, and I found most of those stories more interesting and creative.

    Batman villains are neat too. We look down on the era were comics were under strick comic code authority, but I liked the idea that the villains were weird genius’ who thought crime was a type of performance art and hurting people wasn’t really the goal, because you wanted an audience.

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