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Ryan talks about both past and present video game prices. Have they gone up or stayed the same? What were prices like back then?

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  1. I think my parents paid those prices for Tetris and SMB3 when I was a kid.

    I laugh when people complain about the 60 dollar price tag of games now because that was still more or less the average of games back then. I still remember spending my part time McDonald’s paycheck on games in the 90’s and could barely afford 2 of them.

  2. You’re way overestimating how much retailers make from games. On average games sell for about a buck over cost, consoles for maybe $5 over cost. The place where they make the money is on the accessories.

  3. First I will say that everything said in the video is true. I just would like to add a thing or two.

    I often hear when the topic is video game prices, how expensive and difficult they’re to make today and how much more people work on them. Understanable and true. But as often as publishers cry about how they doesn’t earn enough ect. (btw: why do you develop games, if it doesn’t pay off?), the facts why game development became much cheaper where nearly allways ignored. Some of the price droping facts are:

    -a 2-digit multiplicator added to the potential buyers number of a game
    -partial free game engines which do a ton of work in the background for the dev team were science fiction back then
    -said engines can convert games with “one push of a button” to PC, all consoles, handhelds and mobile OS. I know it’s a bit exaggerated said, but back then you had to start nearly all over again to port a game from console A to console B
    -the Internet. People don’t even have to be on the same continent to work on one game. and there are…
    -tools like assets libraries, audio trackers, 3D modeling softwares and generators that can be partially downloaded and used for free and can multiply the effiency of many of the developers. Plus don’t forget…
    -the Internet also helpes by promoting a good title with nearly no money to be taken in advertisement. Nearly everyone knows about games like Undertale or Shovel Knight and no one had ever put one cent in a commercial to make them the hits they were

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