Video Killed the Radio Star – One Hit Wonderland

The radio star has been KILLED! MTV = MURDER TELEVISION

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  1. Music videos are still pretty popular, people just don’t watch them on TV anymore.

  2. So I’m not crazy! I grew up in the 80s, and so it always baffled me how this quintessential 80s song is one I don’t actually remember. It’s because the “80s song” wasn’t even from the 80s.

    Okay, it turned out this guy had his hands ALL OVER the 80s. Go figure. What’s more, as soon as you said Yes, I instinctively thought, “Art of Noise?” And sure enough, it’s THAT Trevor Horn.

  3. I’m learning so much tonight! =D

    What I want to know is what’s up with the little girl in the music video? Elstree sounded a lot like VKtRS, so no wonder the other songs didn’t quite catch on. And I had NO idea that The Buggles were the masterminds behind such a selection of songs! >w<

  4. Huh…no idea why I didn’t figure out it wasn’t from the 80s…I love the album too so, lol.

    But actually, while I love VKRS, my favorite song is Plastic Age, specifically the version they did in 2004 at the Pince’s Trust Concert. It sounds better than the album and it’s just amazing imo. I love the vibe and Trevor Horn is a better singer now, and then, than he was when their first album was released.

    But wow, Geoff Downes joined Asia…neat!

    Trevor Horn was indeed a force in production, I didn’t know he did more than just Yes, well, a bit, but wow he did more than I thought.

  5. So, the same thing happened to these guys as The Turtles? Seriously, The Turtles had their one hit, “Happy Together”, and then their two main members joined The Mothers of Invention, even starring in the movie “200 Motels”.

    • The only thing I remember was “Coming Out of Their Shell.” And I’m guessing that Donatello was one of them, since he’s all about inventions.

  6. Wait! I swear Nicki Minaj used this as a sample because I swear I’ve never heard or knew about the original song until now. It’s the oha oh part. Also, I’m going to be checking out that Art of Noise band because that sounded cool as well.

    • The Art of Noise was really more of an experimental music group than straight-up Techno. Whereas the earliest “Techno” group – Kraftwerk – did most of their work with synthesizers, Art of Noise did most of theirs with samples. Their basic philosophy of music was that Pop Music was headed more and more in the direction of noise, and they sought to parody that; ergo “The Art of Noise”.

      To this day, “Close to the Edit” sticks out in my mind as an early example of sample-based Pop. “Beat Box” and “Moments in Love” are also pretty cool.

      But they are probably most well known for their work in movie and television theme songs, like their cover of “Peter Gunn”, the theme to the film “Dragnet”, and their cover of Prince’s “Kiss” (with Tom Jones).

      But, as I was saying, a lot of their stuff was just experimental, and you probably wouldn’t recognize it as Pop, per se. Still worth checking out, though.

    • Okay, over the past few days, I’ve been listening to Art of Noise’s repertoire, and I have to say, I can suggest a couple of songs that really capture their forays into pop very well:

      “Beat Box”
      “Close to the Edit”
      “Paranoimia” (the original, not the Max Headroom remix).
      “Moments in Love”

      “Peter Gunn”

      Not long ago, they even did a collaboration with Rakim.

      Almost everything else is highly experimental, a combination of jazz, minimalism, and free-form.

  7. What Yes did kind of sounds like when Richie Blackmore quit Deep Purple and then took Elf to make his new band, Rainbow.

    As far as them deserving better, that’s a tricky question. The two main individual members had their big successes after The Buggles broke up. Did the band The Buggles deserve better? Maybe, maybe not. But I’d say if that the members got their success, and if The Buggles served as a stepping stone to that, then, yes, I guess the band does deserve some better consideration.

  8. Cinnamon Scudworth

    Minor nitpick: Horn actually says “Put the blame on VTR.” VTR was the forerunner to VCR; not everyone knew what a VCR was at the time of recording. And now you know that.

  9. Fuck the future, I hate, despise and fear it.

  10. I wish somebody could invent a real genuine time machine to mostly travel back to the future, and by future I of course mean past because Time is like Death, it consumes and eventually devours all and not just living things.

    • Hey Mister! I AM MAD SCIENTIST IT’S SO KUUUL! sonuvabitch!

      You see, most people think of time as a strict progression from cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear non-subjective point of view, it’s really more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

  11. Their make up reminds me of Cardiacs, except less wacky.

  12. I recommend everyone look up “I Love You Miss Robot” and give it a listen. It’s such a melancholy, rhythmic, unique song.

    The entire Age of Plastic album is killer, very conceptual, fun, and ultimately timeless.

  13. This might be the best video in the series so far. Cool song, clever comments.

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