Viewer Request Month: The Reviewing – Unrepentant Geeking

Shaun begins VRM with the 1st 3 requests plus some brief spoiler-free initial thoughts on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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  1. Personally, I’m super excited for 2017. Life is 90% good. Maybe 2017 will give me that last 10 or even 5%. Also, your review of Chrono Trigger really makes me want to play it. O.O

  2. good times to be a patron :3

  3. I always summed up SWAT Kats as “Tank Cops crossed with Top Gun, but everyone is a cat.” I LOVE that show, I loved it as an 8 year old and I love it just as much to this day. That show was really unusually violent for it’s day, it was the first cartoon I watched where people DIED on screen, like, the Metalikats introduction where they blasted a guy into a pile of shipping boxes and you could see the charred remains of his hand sticking out of the pile. And JEEZ did it have awesome villains, ALMOST BTAS level, I mean think about their recurring rogues; a husband and wife terminator team, a mutated lizard cat hybrid, a literal demon lord complete with little demon minions, a freaking LICH with time travel powers, plus some great one-shots like an alien bent on stealing the oceans. That show was so freaking awesome…admittedly not the most complex but oh well.

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