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Suave and Masami Obari: like peanut butter and sticky, sticky jelly.

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  1. Suave my friend! I shall be liek the mighty master of sex gods! Sexual nymphs, my name is Naughty Ninja!

  2. So appearently there’s reincarnation and nordic runes in this world’s version of Heaven. That alone ruins my suspension of disbelief.

  3. if you ever do another hentai review, I got a very confusing one for you. Tournament of the Gods.

  4. Oh, the ninja-silent/button our lip comment got a guffaw! XD

  5. Out of all the Suave episodes I’ve seen, this one was by far, the most cringe-worthy one in the bunch…Primarily, because when it comes to my “Me time”, I like to keep certain afterlives out of it.

  6. I almost thought he was doing the Angel Blade sequel there for a second, but this is a good funny review regardless.

  7. is this related to those hentai adventure games where you’re playing as/protecting a group of women, and each ‘fail’ gets at least one of them raped in a scene that’s very much for the player to jack off to? (assuming the fact that, you know, the women are being raped and very clearly NOT having good time doesn’t kill it for you)

  8. I always found it so weird that the guy who summoned Mercedes apparently went through the trouble of summoning a succubus from hell itself just to have her serve as a house maid…why did you censor Carrera’s pasties? They may leave little to the imagination but she is technically wearing something. It seems really weird that these guys summoned demons for something so mundane, is this just something really easy to do in this world’s universe? Like, someone posted on 4chan’s /b thread “draw this design and a sexy demon girl will do what you want for a day!”

    god why do hentai dub VAs suck so much?

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