VtM Bloodlines Part 2 – Vampire Playthroughs

Maven and Paw utterly fail at a combat mission, then frolic in a haunted mansion.

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  1. I’m disappointed in Paw. What gamer doesn’t know that you should do some side quests to beef up your character before pursuing the main quest? Though getting the Astrolite is one of the most ridiculously hard quests in the game. There are several quests you could do by going to Kilpatrick’s and by talking to the people on the beach. You can also just get an experience point by going to the pier and looking at the crime scene at no risk to yourself.

    To improve your combat in general:
    1) learn how to heal in combat (check your key bindings and quick slots).
    2) consider using blood buff to increase your strength, speed, and resistance
    3) Celerity is awesome
    4) Presence is less awesome but still useful.

    The gold ring is just a random thing you can sell for money. The more auspex you have, the more random garbage you notice to resell. Oh, and you should also investigate all of your neighboring apartments for junk that you can pawn.

    Don’t forget to spend your experience.

    And yes, the number of men you can eat is disappointing in comparison to the number of easy to acquire women.

  2. The Sewers? But sewers smell like POO GAS! And they have Doodie Water!l Doodie Water with RATS!

    • 1:16:50 – I’m guessing she used to be a doctor at Arkham Asylum. That is, until she tried to elope with “Mr. J”. Does she live with a lady who controls plants?

  3. Actually, the green dialogues options aren’t vampire powers, they are social options without powers. Green is intimidation, Pink is seduction, Blue is Persuasion. Dialogue options using Presence to compel people are Red. It’s a detail of course, all of them are useful in the end, but still good to know so you can see what to increase^^

    As for fighting… yeah, World-dancer covers most of the advices for that, but basically you can use your Blood Buff power (which increases your strenght and as such how hard you hit) and Celerity (which increase your speed) to properly kick asses. And spending some experience in Brawl or Weaponry should give you decent fighting skills.

    As for feeding in combat, you CAN by using the usual button, but it’ll be interrupted if you get hit while feeding, so I recommand doing it only when you have a single opponent left. When you do however, it basically allows you to heal AND one-hit-kill the opponent, so it’s useful.

  4. Also on a personal note, I disagree with Paw, this house is creepy as hell. Glad at least you seem to have enjoyed it, Maven^^

    And yes, you did miss some parts with the ghost^^ he was walking toward you in the boiler room, but you were looking away, for example. Speaking of which, I advise you to check the hospital, that’s where you get medicine for Mercurio… as well as something else that’ll help you later. Also, there’s that guy with a green jacket in the Asyleum; he gives you info and a quest.

    Also, as for your theory… I’ll let you see by yourself if you’re right or not^^

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