VtM: Bloodlines Part 3 – Vampire Playthroughs

In which the Maven is the nicest vampire ever, but gets no respect.

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  1. Now you’re getting the hang of it. I’ve also never presenced the gang into not bothering me, so that was fun to watch. Also interesting to see someone get through the hospital without being a strong hacker. I seem to remember Auspex does give you a small boost for hacking purposes.

    No matter what you do, you’re going to need to prep for some kind of combat strategy for setting the bomb or get stealthier. With a Toreador, your best bet is melee since that will take advantage of your celerity.

    You could have made peace between Jeanette and Therese, but it required a lot more Persuasion (Charisma+Scholarship) than you had. It’s one of the higher thresholds in this part of the game.

    In regards to the cameras in the hospital, I think there would have been a bonus XP if you turned the cameras off. But you’re doing fine.

  2. Don’t worry, the girl you saved will show up later in the game and be nice this time^^ saving her was the right call. But without spoiling too much, when the time comes, TELL HER TO STAY INDOOR! You’ll thanks me later.

    Also, wow, you actually found ways to progress I wasn’t aware of. Congratulation^^

    Also don’t worry about the appartment; as long as you stay polite with the prince, he’ll eventually give you a much nicer-looking one.

    And yeah, Auspex is kind of useless in that game (really sad because in the actual tabletop game, it’s one of the most useful abilities); at best it gives you bonus for hacking and allows you to shoot more accurately. If you want to raise your discipline, I recommand either Celerity or Presence.

    Also I recommand spending more points on skills; they are very useful and tend to be less expensive than attributes or discipline. Subterfuge is ideal if you want to seduce.

    Sad that you didn’t raise your persuasion high enough, then they would have given you the option to tell the sisters to calm down and reconcile them. Congratulation on figuring out the twist, though^^

    Also, regarding the whole starting art, actually it’s easy to explain: Jeanette might have done it herself, then told Therese you did it anyway as revenge for refusing. So, yeah, the game is flawed, but not bad.

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