Warcraft 2 (PC) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan talks about his favorite PC game of all time: Warcraft 2 Tides of Darkness and it’s expansion, Beyond the Dark Portal. See how much of a quantam leap Warcraft 2 was over the first game which cemented Blizzard’s reputation as one of the top RTS game developers.

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  1. I might not have played WC2 as much as I did play WC3 but still I did play it a lot back in day. I got mine in this box that also had D1 and SC1 + BW in it and like other games in that box it was in jewel case.

  2. Warcraft 2 is the first game in the series I finished and I also thought it was a huge improvement over the demo. I’ve only played through both campaigns once and spent a little time in the map editor but never made anything good.

    I prefer the 3rd game the most because the story is easier to understand and the gameplay was refined even more.

  3. Warcraft 2 actually ended the series story wise. I fyou play as Orcs they destroy the portal to prevent the other orc clans from coming over meaning all the orcs that are there are the ones that are there, if you play as the Humans (the canon side) the Portal is destroyed and all the Orcs are dead so no more orcs. Of course I never played the first game because I could never find a copy of it and I didn’t play the third game because Blizzard got greedy and divided the campaigns by race (Human, Elf, Orc) and sold them individually for $50-$80 a campaign and likewise they also sold certain add-on and booster disks for around $30 a disk and had multiple disks each with minimal content on them like two new units a new building and a mission or two, so in order to have ALL of Warcraft 3 you needed to pay close to $500 and honestly I found that to be ridiculously stupid and an absolute waste of money then just as I did with Mechwarrior 4 mercenaries and Microsoft selling six different disks that only served to add mechs to the game each one costing half of what the game did originally. Just a BS way to bilk more money out of cash strapped gamers.

    • Maybe you’re thinking of another series. Reign of Chaos contained campaigns from… I believe 3 races (excluding undead) and it was never $80, at least not the standard version (I don’t know of “special editions”). I bought it for either $30 or $40. Its expansion, The Frozen Throne contained several campaigns as well (including undead) and that was around the same price. “Booster disks” are not a thing, there was only one expansion: The Frozen Throne. The $500 price explains everything you typed; you are HIGH DAWG!

      • To be fair they did same with WC3 as they did with SC1 before that and had campaigns for all four races that told part of story. After being Horde for learning game you went to Alliance followed by Scourge. Then you were Horde proper then Night Elves to end pre-Frozen Throne story.

  4. That’s awesome. I spent a while trying to develop a multiplayer UMS map for StarCraft that was based on The Rock.

  5. personally, I’ve never played Warcraft. while it’s not my kind of game, I do understand it’s appeal. on a side note, since Quake is turing 20 years old this Wednesday, maybe you could make the next video about that game. that is if you have any memories of the game. I’ve been playing it recently, and it’s actually really good. unfortunately, the version I downloaded did not have Trent Reznor’s awesome music, and even when I tried to update it by adding it back in, the game wasn’t running as smoothly. even with the music off, it does make you more aware of the surrounding environment with the eerie moaning. all that’s left is for me to complete episodes 3 & 4 before the final boss.

    • Quake is definitely on the list, but I’d need to replay it a bit to refresh myself on things.

      – Ryan

      • awesome! I’ve been playing it recently through Steam for the first time, and I’m highly enjoying it. so far I’ve beaten episodes 1-3 with episode 4 being the last portion I need to complete before Shub-Niggurath herself of course. the only downside is that the version I downloaded does not contain Trent Reznor’s music. I tried to add it back in, but it severely slowed down the gameplay. but yeah, I highly recommend you play it again sinced it’s actually aged rather well after 20 years. I even did 2 blogs on this site within the past few days based on Quake.

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