Warcraft – Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Delrith Review the WarCraft movie, where does it rank on the Video-Game Licensed Movie List?

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  1. I may see this but I still need to see… the movie you hated on in the last angry review that will not be named (but that you named in the video anyways). ;D LOL.

  2. I really liked that movie. Yes it was clunky at times but still it was good movie. Really beauty and despite I also don’t remember the names it wasn’t hard to fallow (until someone is dumb). 8/10 for my and yes, I agree that they should start with stronger story like Arthas, but still it was good.

    PS: I also hope that they do Star Craft and Warhamer at one point. That would be amazing!
    PSS: I noticed that despite low critic score on Rottentomatoes it have decent user score (80% from forty thousands people). Also on other sides I check it has decent 7+ score. So that may be just some weird bias against this movie. What critic expect from it? Game of Thrones? It definitely isn’t 27% crap as they claim.

  3. I saw the movie on Friday and didn’t exactly hate it, but it was lacking in a lot of areas, especially on the human side since I actually cared more for the orcs.

    I was also a bit lost since I barely played the first game and while I played 2 and 3, I could barely remember the stories from them.

  4. As a Pre WotC Dungeons & Dragons fan I’m inclined to hate everything WoW and indeed have specifically avoided the games…DDO had been out for 4 years before I even knew it existed too, mainly because WoW was all anyone outside of the computer gaming crowd ever heard about.

    Having now played DDO pretty much daily for 6 years I’ve tried out a handful of other MMOs specifically LotRO, Allods, Neverwinter and SW:ToR all of which I hated and still steer clear of WoW.

    But a Movie is a different matter and with good fantasy movies so few and far between this was guaranteed to get my attention.

    I do agree slightly that the King’s name is mentioned almost in passing and it was like 5 minutes before the end of the movie that I actually found out his name was Laine {sp} and that it was a bit offputting to suddenly have people referring to Lothar {the hero} as Anduin during the final act not knowing that his full name was Anduin Lothar {which I found out in the credits}.
    The other main characters names are used often and Durotan, Gul’dan, Medivh, Cadgar and Garona are easily recognisable {so too is Draka, Durotan’s wife but she’s hardly a main character so I can understand you not recalling her name}.

    Durotan is easily my favourite character in the movie but I understand that this is pretty much a prequel so can accept something that would have ruined the movie for me otherwise.

    I don’t think Orgrim’s name is even mentioned except obviously in the credits but there’s no real spot where Durotan or Gul’dan referring to him by name wouldn’t be blatantly for the watcher..
    Same goes for the Warchief/Black Hand.

    As Videogame Movies go this is easily the best made – Mortal Kombat is fun yes but well made it was not, I liked Doom too and if you discount the blatant sequel hook Resident Evil.
    But Warcraft knocks em all into a cocked hat.

    Maybe as a fantasy fan I’m more inclined to remember fantasy names but I also regularly have trouble with catching dialog in movies and rely on subtitles a lot {something not available at the cinema} so it was a relief that the dialog in this movie was in the main understandable without them {there were still a couple of bits I didn’t catch}.

    It is a Movie I will have to watch again when it comes out on DVD but for now I give it an 8/10 {No it’s not Fellowship of the Ring but it was never going to be!}.

  5. P.S. How exactly is a storyline that you specifically state to be a clone of Star Wars a stronger storyline than this completely original one?

    Doing a good guy becomes evil storyline in the first Warcraft Movie would have invited comparisons that could never be delivered!

  6. Sorry, but this movie was bad. You guys bitched about TMNT 2 and not this? Get checked.

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