Warcraft – Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Delrith Review the WarCraft movie, where does it rank on the Video-Game Licensed Movie List?

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I may see this but I still need to see… the movie you hated on in the last angry review that will not be named (but that you named in the video anyways). ;D LOL.

I really liked that movie. Yes it was clunky at times but still it was good movie. Really beauty and despite I also don’t remember the names it wasn’t hard to fallow (until someone is dumb). 8/10 for my and yes, I agree that they should start with stronger story like Arthas, but still it was good. PS: I also hope that they do Star Craft and Warhamer at one point. That would be amazing! PSS: I noticed that despite low critic score on Rottentomatoes it have decent user score (80% from forty thousands people). Also on other sides I… Read more »

I saw the movie on Friday and didn’t exactly hate it, but it was lacking in a lot of areas, especially on the human side since I actually cared more for the orcs.

I was also a bit lost since I barely played the first game and while I played 2 and 3, I could barely remember the stories from them.

Fran Ohmsford
As a Pre WotC Dungeons & Dragons fan I’m inclined to hate everything WoW and indeed have specifically avoided the games…DDO had been out for 4 years before I even knew it existed too, mainly because WoW was all anyone outside of the computer gaming crowd ever heard about. Having now played DDO pretty much daily for 6 years I’ve tried out a handful of other MMOs specifically LotRO, Allods, Neverwinter and SW:ToR all of which I hated and still steer clear of WoW. But a Movie is a different matter and with good fantasy movies so few and far… Read more »
Fran Ohmsford

P.S. How exactly is a storyline that you specifically state to be a clone of Star Wars a stronger storyline than this completely original one?

Doing a good guy becomes evil storyline in the first Warcraft Movie would have invited comparisons that could never be delivered!


Sorry, but this movie was bad. You guys bitched about TMNT 2 and not this? Get checked.