Warcraft: Orcs and Humans – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan talks about the original Warcraft Orcs and Humans from 1994, far before the dawn of World of Warcraft. Does it still hold up by today’s standards? Come see the game that started Blizzard’s quest to Real Time Strategy glory!

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  1. I honestly never played past the demo of this game like you mentioned since Warcraft 2 was the far superior game, so I really don’t know much about the central characters of this game.

    Good video, though. Please tell me you’re gonna do 2 next and maybe a review of the movie.

  2. I had Warcraft II as a kid. I don’t recall there ever being any females in that game, but then again I don’t really recall the story anyways. I was a kid so I didn’t really pay attention to the story, and kind of just played the campaign to learn the ropes, then almost exclusively played the expansion from that point on, primarily in various vs battles with multiple CPU opponents in various different maps.

    • Not in the main base game but the expansion “warcraft 2: beyond the dark portal” added hero’s; which warcraft 3 copied over. One of the heroes was Alleria Windrunner; one of the 3 windrunner sisters and the one who we never see in World of warcraft; despite having a statue in stormwind.

      Kind of ironic that the alliance has a statue of the sister of the leader over the undead in the horde. It’s like having a statue of khadgar in ogrimmar ^^

      Anyway it’s weird that most warcraft players remember only as far back as warcraft 3 despite warcraft 2 being loved by many. The first game was always remembered for being first and the 3rd for how popular it still is; the 2nd is often forgotten.

      Even the blizzard store doesn’t even sell warcraft 1 and 2! Why in the world isn’t it being sold in the official store?! Come on blizzard! Get it out for modern pc’s!

  3. I have never played this first Warcraft. First one that I played was Warcraft 2 that’s clear improvement over this first one. How ever Warcraft 3 is my all time favorite in franchise for story and characters alone and it’s one that I did play two years after it was released.

  4. I too played this right after I played Warcraft 2 in ’96. S friend gave it to me for free since he thought it sucked. I too thought it sucked.
    It wasn’t until now that I knew you could select more than 1 unit at a time! Maybe I would have had a better opinion of the game if I had know.

  5. Actually you can get Warcraft I from Abandonia, and abandonware site, which is where I got it back in 2007 or 2008. Warcraft II was the first RTS game I played when I was in grades 6 in 96/97 or so? Loved the game so much though it was many years before I got it for myself. First time playing Warcraft I, I had recently bought my first laptop and didn’t have a mouse… that four unit limitation and no right click made it, well difficult is an understatement. I was always obsessed with the lore, so I played all the way through. I think Warcraft II holds up better and I like to play on occasion for nostalgia sake. Every now and then I pick up Warcraft I, but much more rarely.

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