Warcraft – Projector

Orcs and humans collide as the video game franchise comes to the screen, but Film Brain is left largely bored and confused by the results.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    1st so the that one Moron on channel awesome won’t get the first comment t in Doug’s video without watching it first!!!!

  2. It makes you wonder if there will ever be a truly great video game movie that connects with general audiences. I think we came pretty close with the first Tomb Raider movie, but so far…not so much.

  3. Video game movies…we meet again…

    Is it me or is the opening to this longer then usual…and more confusing. I guess that’s just the subject matter

    You need to say manga more often: it sounds so nice! You’re shirt is pretty groovy, by the way

    This is exactly what I thought this movie was going to be: pretty but bland

    Great review: will you be reviewing Love and Friendship?

  4. Warcraft is underperforming in the US and Europe but it’s absolutely raking in money hand over fist in China. It’s the biggest foreign release in years and if it keeps up this pace that market alone will justify a sequel (much like Pacific Rim). Apparently WoW is huge in China.

  5. As someone who knows nothing about Warcraft, but loves fantasy, the jargon-heavy dialogue did not confuse or lose me at all. I loved it for what it is.

    The film’s weaknesses you listed are accurate, Lothar is not the (best-acted) character, and 30 minutes seem to have been mislaid on the cutting room floor somewhere. My friend that I saw it with, who is steeped in the lore, is very interested in the Director’s Cut and frankly, so am I.

    • I’ve avoided WoW for decades so know absolutely nothing about it’s lore but found this movie perfectly followable due to being a huge fantasy fan {Brooks, Gemmell, Eddings, Feist, anything D&D, Kerr, Pratchett, Lewis and obviously Tolkien!}.

      Lothar was not the main character for me – That was Durotan!
      This film concentrates on making the Orcs relatable and thus does slightly skimp on characterisation for it’s human characters.
      But still Cadgar is pretty well done and Lothar isn’t actually badly done.

  6. Take anything Lord of the Rings out of the question and try to name a better Pure fantasy movie than Warcraft since 1990!

    It’s impossible!

    Pure Fantasy as a genre has been widely ignored by Hollywood or been PC’d to death.

    We’ve had not one, not two but three Dungeons & Dragons Movies now {2 of them straight to video} all of which were weak.
    Warcraft is a huge step up!

    You denigrate Krull but that’s actually one of the better Fantasy Movies made in the 80s!
    I’d certainly place Warcraft ahead of it though.

    Top 5 Fantasy Movies of all time:
    1) The Vikings {Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis}
    2) Willow
    3) Clash of the Titans {the original NOT the atrocity of a remake!}
    4) Fellowship of the Ring
    5) Jason and the Argonauts

    • Three cheers!!
      Willow and Clash of the Titans are far to under rated and so has pure fantasy. The 80’s were probably the best time because, while they were somewhat limited, what they could pull of felt tangable. And of course they were lessy sissy then modern Hollywood.

      Favorites include Labrynth, Princess Bride and the first Pirates of the Carrabian…just saying…

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