Watermelon Slicer – Infomercialism

The infomercial makes it look SO easy! Can Mike make it look SO hard? Well..

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  1. I’m reasonably sure you could have had a whole melon prepped to eat with a regular knife by the time you started on the 2nd half with this thing

  2. “Nintendo Seal of Quality!” M A R I O – A P P R O V E D !!!

    Must have been a seedless.

    Have to love products that claim to be quicker and easier to use than JUST GETTING A DECENT FREAKING CHEF’S KNIFE!

  3. Makes short work of even the largest watermelon… provided you cut a inch wide slice of it off. Looking that the watermelon in the commercial, it’s not that deep. They didn’t have to worry about cutting it evenly because there wasn’t that much watermelon there to begin with.

  4. I think that the blame is 50% on the watermelon, 40% on the slicer, and 10% on you, Mike.

  5. From the sound, that melon did seem frozen.

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