Waxing Pixels Podcast – Episode 26

In Episode 26 of the Waxing Pixels Podcast, the BGP crew talks about the Nintendo Switch may require Smartphone app for Online Matchmaking, Tekken 7 release date, and Ultra Street Fighter 2’s online and ranked mode details.

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  1. Is it true that the Switch battery is not user-replaceable? Because that sounds terrible. What happens when the battery eventually wears down and can no longer hold a charge? Then you’re just left with a neutered handheld. If the batter was replaceable however, then 1) This won’t be a problem. Just buy a new battery and 2)This leaves the door open for nintendo to develop/release higher-capacity batteries in the future.

    • Yup, and the charge only last 3-6 hours on the go too.

      Don’t expect to play Zelda on long plane trips.

      – Ryan

      • It’s called powerbanks. WHy do I seem to be the only person who remembers that USB-ports equal powerbanks on the entire friggin internet!
        And don’t start calling them an extra expence since you can get them for real cheap (like less then 10$).

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