Waxing Pixels Podcast Episode 3 – Rise of the Holy Mini NES

In Episode 3 of Waxing Pixels, the BGP crew talks about the upcoming Batman Telltale Series, Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4, The Arkade Plug and Play with Bible Adventures, the NES Mini, and if Nintendo should stop innovating.

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  1. I love this mini NES being released but, why oh why, did they not include the 1st Contra!! Super C isn’t a bad game by any means but, the first Contra is EASILY the most well-known and iconic. Love that game. It’s really sad it is not there.

    Also the first Double Dragon. I don’t care if it lacks true 2-player, the port of Double Dragon 1 for NES is a CLASSIC!! Plus the Ninja Turtles Trilogy. So overall, the game selection is pretty sweet but, there are some notable omissions from the library. I’m guessing they’re “holding back” on those other classics, for the release of the mini NES Classic II.

    Looking forward to buying this and beating Ninja Gaiden on it. Would be really cool if they have a great presentation with it too, like replicate NES manuals, full instruction booklet scans, original game commercials, box art, playable soundtrack selections of each game, and other cool stuff as extras in the menus. Nintendo can have a retro hit on their hands if they really go all the way with it.

    • Rumors say Konami is tight on the licensing rights for the original Contra. Also, the TMNT NES games are in a licensing limbo thanks to Konami losing the rights and nickelodeon taking over the license.

      – Ryan

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