Waxing Pixels Podcast – Episode 34

In Episode 34 of the Waxing Pixels Podcast, the BGP crew talks about Amazon PS4 Deals, Starcraft Remastered, Grauman’s Chinese Theater opening an E-Sports Arena, and more Zelda Breath of the Wild Funny Stories.

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Ain’t got time to sit through a whole podcast to check, but if you’d like to effectively play Starcraft Remastered right now and potentially for free, just look up the Starcraft Mass Recall custom campaign some guys did for Starcraft 2. You can supposedly play it even with the trial version of the game, but if you already own SC2, you definitely can. The entire game and expansion pack have been recreated in the SC2 engine, with some minor tweaks like an option that lets you enable weaker versions of the medic in the original terran campaign. If I can’t… Read more »