Waxing Pixels Podcast – Episode 4: Nintendo NX and Sonic Mania

In Episode 4 of Waxing Pixels, the BGP crew talks about the Nintendo NX being a portable console with detachable controllers, Sega releasing a Mega Drive Mini, Sonic Mania, and Nintendo Stock Plummeting after a Pokemon Go investor gaffe.

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Outendo? NintendoOUT! Sega Minisis! Sega Minidrive!

Sorry guys but, the mini Genesis is the SAME product Atgames has been putting out for YEARS now. It has composite-only output, no HDMI. To make things worse, it’s also in MONO sound. Think that’s bad? Oh….it gets worse. While the video emulation of these things is pretty good, the sound emulation is only about 85% accurate. It’s been like this since way back in 2008. Atgames basically half-A’ed the Genesis. They did juuuust enough work for the emulation to be “good enough” and then stopped, and proceeded to repackage & resell the same product the past 7 or so… Read more »

I can understand not being compatible with the older games if the hardware is different, but I hope the NX is at least backwards compatible with older controllers, at the VERY least the WiiU pro controller.