Waxing Pixels Podcast – Episode 4: Nintendo NX and Sonic Mania

In Episode 4 of Waxing Pixels, the BGP crew talks about the Nintendo NX being a portable console with detachable controllers, Sega releasing a Mega Drive Mini, Sonic Mania, and Nintendo Stock Plummeting after a Pokemon Go investor gaffe.

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  1. Outendo? NintendoOUT! Sega Minisis! Sega Minidrive!

  2. Sorry guys but, the mini Genesis is the SAME product Atgames has been putting out for YEARS now. It has composite-only output, no HDMI. To make things worse, it’s also in MONO sound. Think that’s bad? Oh….it gets worse. While the video emulation of these things is pretty good, the sound emulation is only about 85% accurate. It’s been like this since way back in 2008. Atgames basically half-A’ed the Genesis. They did juuuust enough work for the emulation to be “good enough” and then stopped, and proceeded to repackage & resell the same product the past 7 or so years.

    No joke, i’ve owned the one they released back in the christmas of 2014, and one (shaped like a sonic head)from 2009. Emulation quality was exactly the same.

    And the 80 games? Half of them are cheap, browser flash game fluff. Only 40 will be actual Genesis games. If you remember “Action 52” for the NES & Genesis(AVGN reviewed it). The 40 “other” games are basically like that. Cheap, indie crap.

    Lastly, the wireless controllers included, use archaic infrared!!! At least the controller ports work with original controllers. But these wireless infrared pads are fluff to make the overall package look more appealing. So they can advertise it as having “OMG wireless”. In much the same way they advertise it as having “80 games”, when only 40 are actual Genesis titles worth playing.

    This piece of cheap, sleazy-advertised crap, is not only a slap in the face to longtime Sega fans but, also Zero competition for the NES classic Edition. Maybe after they see how well a RESPECTABLE plug & play system sells, Atgames will get a clue and stop putting out such mediocre product.

    I’m a Sega fan first and foremost but, Nintendo is what Genesisn’t, in this case.

    • Nooooo! That really speaks for Sega’s quality control.

      – Ryan

      • It’s all OLD news. Atgames has been putting out these mini Genesis plug & plays for years. And its Atgames who have been making these units and nickel & dimeing the hardware and emulation quality, not Sega. Then again, it was Sega that agreed to license their stuff out to such cheapskates to begin with. They could have stopped granting the license after a time, or INSISTED Atgames improve their product when they saw how sub-par it was. They didn’t. They’ve allowed Atgames to consistently re-release the same Genesis plug & play units for the past 7 or so years.

  3. I can understand not being compatible with the older games if the hardware is different, but I hope the NX is at least backwards compatible with older controllers, at the VERY least the WiiU pro controller.

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