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This week The Horror Guru and Count Jackula check out Ted Geoghegan’s We Are Still Here starring Barbara Crampton and Larry Fessenden.

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  1. Hi guys…I watched your video up to the point where you hit SPOILERS…all I needed to hear was Lovecraftian vibe and Barbara Crampton before tracking this movie down. Just started watching it, loving the ambiguous setting…perhaps early 80’s or late 70’s? All it needs to be perfect is a Linnea Quigley cameo.

    Thanks for posting about this flick. You’ve made my day XD

  2. It wasn’t until the combination of this movie and Until Dawn that I realized Larry Fessenden is attached in one way or another to a fairly large number of movies that I like. It would have been cool if this had been one of the movie posters in the game, but with their release dates so close together, I can understand why it wasn’t.

    That last bit of the movie… Yeah. For the budget they had, those are some amazing visuals. I also appreciate that the 70’s vibe wasn’t destroyed by the bits of CGI. I questioned a few times if something was CGI or practical, which to me says a lot about how well they used it.

    “House 3” is actually not the name of the movie in the US, but when they went to make the next movie in the series, they put 4 since it was being released in regions that had “The Horror Show” renamed as “House 3”. 4 is what I would consider a retelling of the first movie since it has the same character from the first and revolves around his family. The actual house looks basically the same too, just falling apart and in the middle of nowhere.

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