Weird Video Games: Jail Break (Arcade)

Weirdness Rating: 6/10

Crooks break out of jail. Cop shoots them. Featuring nudity and Batman.

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From multiple-personality assassins fighting exploding zombie clowns to computerized Kabuki dancers who attack robots with their hair, Tom "Heisanevilgenius" White struggles to make sense of the brain-scabbing insanity that can be found in video games. If it's weird and it's a video game, count on Tom to be the lone intrepid adventurer to step forward and make fun of it.

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Konami, eh?Can’t wait for the pachinko version.

Nice Killer7 shoutout. Would you ever do it?

If there’s anything I learned from Nash’s show, it’s that most things can be explained with “it’s Florida”. Speaking of which, I was surprised not to see Nash featured on here once it was decided the game takes place in that state, as we all know just how much he LOOOOOVES Florida. Nice to see Skitch still around. Did he part ways with CA? This game looks pretty fun, though I watched a playthrough of NARC and I think I’d enjoy that one a bit more. It’s so full of 80s cheesiness and badassery that you just can’t help but… Read more »

“Why are you shirtless?”