Welcome to the Party – Tyger’s take on #WTFU

Tyger’s take on #WTFU

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  1. This may be the shortest out of all the #WTFU videos I’ve seen, but in combination with the music and when you said “Is this finally the day I lose my channel?” is what really tugged at my heartstrings the most.

    Good job, Tyger.


  2. Sorry, but this just smacked with arrogance and ignorance. If you had actually watched the #WTFU from the channels that you are “welcoming to the party” you would know that they have been dealing with this just as long as you have but just like yourself, have just dealt with it and gone on with business as usual.
    They finally decided to try to make a stand not just for themselves, since they’ve shown that they have the strength of a fanbase large enough to fight back when things get really bad for them, but for the smaller channels that don’t have that power, or even for the people without channels because they are afraid of what will happen.
    Maybe one day you’ll worry about the big picture, and what’s happening with other people who aren’t yourself. Maybe on that day, some of those out there making irate #WTFU video will be nice enough to say to you: Welcome to the party.

    • Yeah, it’s not that the larger channels haven’t been dealing with this for just as long (although, admittedly, some of them may have slightly more connections and clout to deal with them in ways smaller channels just can’t. Or at least, are able to eat the monetization loss better). It’s just that the straws piling on the camels’ collective backs have finally reached a breaking point. Yes, individual camels have already had their backs irreparably broken, but we’ve finally started reaching the tipping point where there will be no more camels unless they all speak out against the straw.

      Part of why this hasn’t been as *much* of an issue for various large video producers until recently is that to some degree, there were viable alternatives to hosting on Youtube’s platform. But since Blip folded – there aren’t really any other viable options (at least, not any English-language ones) – Youtube’s practically all that’s left, and so it’s problems have been increasingly put in the spotlight.

      To say “welcome to the club” is disingenuous at best when they’ve all been dealing with the same problems all along. And they haven’t necessarily been silent the whole time. They’ve just been complaining about it on individual levels (while still mentioning the broader implications). Remember Wiseau targeting various TGWTG producers with takedowns for their The Room reviews? I do; They complained loud and hard about it, and that was just one noteworthy example. All that’s happening now is that individual voices are coming together in harmony to shout louder and reach further than any of their individual complaints ever got them.

      Could you say “It’s about damn time!”? yes. But “Welcome to the club”? That just seems rude.

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