Were EPCOT 1.0 and DCA 1.0 Worth It – State of the Parks

In the near future, both of Disney’s American “second gates” – EPCOT and Disney California Adventure – are getting new attractions and refurbishments that have already been criticized for betraying the original intentions of their respective parks. But were those original intentions worth mourning, much less preserving? Some Jerk With A Camera weighs in.

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  1. Crossover Princess

    I’ve never been to Epcot 1.0 due to being A. Too Young and B. Never having even been to Florida until 2015 so I ca’t say anything about it.

    But I have been to DCA 1.0 in 2002, I’m an easy to please person so at the time I liked it, but in hindsight all of my praise was to Soarin’ not any where else in the park… so I do agree.

    However there’s an exception to every rule remember, I have been to Tokyo DisneySea and that place is awesome… they came up with a “theme” and found ways to stick to it in a sense yet at the same time not stick to it… only a few of the lands have anything to do with water or the ocean while the rest… are still very awesome. Then again the park isn’t actually owned by Disney but Imagineering still built it so I’m half counting it.

    And I’m conflicted in three ways about that Pirates… how can I be conflicted in three ways? Find out in 2018! (Seriously… I’ve been waiting for that video for a while now).

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