Wesley Snipes’ Black Panther Movie – Legends of Fandom

The King of Wakanda nearly made it to the big screen way back in the 1990s and ERod is going to tell you how it all went down.

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  1. I’m actually kind of glad that the production was delayed. As much as I love the idea of BP, I don’t think the 90s would have been kind to the character. Just look at DC’s Steel (although, to be fair, Shaq can’t act his way out of a paper bag, much less play a decent superhero – Snipes would have done a better job).

    I caught the Moses reference even before you pointed it out. I guess that theology degree doesn’t always go to waste. And I think it would have been an interesting reinterpretation of the character, that he’s not just a hero, but a liberator. There’s a lot of potential with that concept in itself.

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