What Gearbox Should’ve Done With Duke Nukem Forever (Gearbox 100% Honest)

See what Gearbox has to say about the mega disaster Duke Nukem Forever.

This is our new 100% Honest show. New format, same feel. Let us know below what you think.

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5 Comments on "What Gearbox Should’ve Done With Duke Nukem Forever (Gearbox 100% Honest)"

Morkez Marihser

The visual style…no. Just no.

Brad1ey Shaw

Yeah… no. Next time you’re thinking of doing this, make the tops of their heads move like South Park does. Their bodies moving instead of their heads is really distracting.


Glad that someone did notice that it was a South Park reference, but I agree, they make a technical failure here.


Eh…I preferred the old style


Well… whatever the content of the video was, it was just badly made. -_-