What if Dragon Balls Couldn’t Resurrect People? – A Dragonball Discussion

We all now the Dragon Balls can revive people, but what if they couldn’t?! Goku, Krillin, Yamcha and the like…all remain dead. It would dramatically change how Dragon Ball developed. Today we will discuss what might happen should this anomaly occur.

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  1. Devil's Advocate

    like I said on YouTube on another video, Trunks wouldn’t still exist because if your scenario happened in the main timeline, Trunks wouldn’t be born in any timeline and the Dragon Balls would work the same way in all timelines too.

    unlike other works of fiction with multiple realities, time travel is the one and only way the timelines split in Dragon Ball. there are only twelve universes and at this point in the story, five timelines and only one Universe 7 in each timeline. maybe if you made it clear in all your scenarios, the rules are different and it’s actually the usual “all possible outcomes happen”.

    • “unlike other works of fiction with multiple realities, time travel is the one and only way the timelines split in Dragon Ball.” what episode says that exactly? I’m actually curious.

      • Devil's Advocate

        well, in Super, there are only six time rings after the Zamasu arc, and there are only as many rings as their are timelines and in each timeline, there are only a set number of universes.

  2. Quick answer: Then the story would have actual stakes.

  3. Here’s something, maybe the cast wouldn’t be so reckless if they knew there was no second chance? I mean, some characters like Krillin and Yamcha would still be dead because their deaths came as a surprise (plus this would give Goku a nice “last member of the Turtle school” thing,) but would Goku really have been so quick to do his sacrifice play to defeat Raditz if he knew he couldn’t be revived by the dragonballs right after? Maybe this could even blend in with your story about Raditz turning good, like Goku and Piccolo along with Gohan’s help are able to take the fight out of Raditz, but since they don’t go through with the sacrifice play Raditz isn’t killed and decides to use the last of his energy to retreat instead? Then everyone is alive, but they get Goku a Senzu bean so he recovers much quicker and the still injured Raditz is unable to fight him, so instead surrenders (thinking that Vegeta and Nappa would come for him) but over the year he spends with his brother and his family decides that Earth is a nice place and he decides to join their side. You have to remember, having the get out of death free card sitting there actually made for A LOT of reckless decisions on the show that they never would have made under different circumstances.

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